Bullet Storm Ra-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta

I was playing Sword Fights On The Heights and some revolver games like Murder Mystery and Knife Ability Test (K.A.T) and got a cool idea for a game I call “Bullet Storm”.

It’s a free-for-all game where you randomly spawn in a map for up to 16 players. You’re primary weapon is an uzi which you can buy skins for using coins. Coins are earned by successful kills and you also gain exp to level up.

There would also be classes that you can level up and each class has a ability that’s mastery goes up based on the level. So for example, the Healer class allows you to heal a certain amount of health over time, so a higher level would mean more recovery in a shorter period of time.

Ammo is infinite and based on a cooldown system instead of reloading, so the gun heats up with each spray you do and cools down when you stop firing.

I also thought of adding in double jump and directional dashing to allow for more parkour-type gun action similar to the game GunZ.

What do you guys think of this idea? It’s a pretty casual shooting game that you enter it quickly starts up, no lobby, no waiting time.


Sounds like a pretty cool idea. I like some of the features the guns would include, and would prevent spam. I do think you should add a system where you receive ammo from players killed, so as to technically let there be infinite ammo, but not actually infinite.

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The “ra-ta-ta-ta-ta” is the sound of a uzi from the song Rockstar by Post Malone

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The pace for the game might be quite fast. People will get burnt out quickly I’d imagine.

The details are pretty vague as it stands so I’ll list a couple of things I percieve as potential issued:

  • Make sure that when guns max out heat, they have to fully reset before you can shoot again. Letting them shoot before that will basically just decimate everybody’s rate of fire and slow the pace of the game to a crawl.

  • Map design is a make and break for free for all game, because if you pile everyone into one room and ask them to fight to the death, the winner is never the best player because people identify the best and form alliances to kill them first. Designing the map so that players are too separated to make alliances is crucial.

  • Levelling up your class just makes you objectively better than new players. Probably a bad call to make them objectively stronger. Explore how classes level up in other multiplayer games for ideas.


Yeah, the gun heat up thing that’s what I meant, you’d have to wait for it to completely cooldown before shooting again.

I think I did a poor explanation of the map. What my idea was to have different maps. The map I was referring to would be like the map in Sword Fights On The Heights IV except with different parkour elements to allow for people to fly all over the place instead of being confined to the ground.

You’re right about upgraded classes have an unfair advantage over other players. I’ll look for a different approach to implementing classes.

Hello, this game plan sounds amazing! But you may want to change it a bit, I have a few suggestions myself.


You may want to add a lobby so it’s not rushed into.
You might also want to make a tutorial for the new players.
You also might want to add a map choice UI.

These are all my suggestions, good luck with this project! :grin:

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There probably will be a load out screen so you don’t immediately jump into the game. Tutorial is a good idea. There will be map voting at the end of each round.

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I like that more than the cooldown thing, imma do that