Bulletin Board no longer shows topics?

It appears that #bulletin-board is no longer displays topics from the categories page. I’ve noticed this happening on both mobile and pc. Is this part of some new update, or some setting that I accidentally enabled?

Topics in bulletin board I don’t believe were ever meant to be “casually browsed”, because the intent of Bulletin Board topics were to be linked to, such as how groups put their guidelines into a Bulletin Board post and copy-paste the link into their group description.

It could be that the topics being displayed in the category page was disabled, because of the above reasoning.

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Topics in bulletin board, I believe they was removed due to the spam in there, If I remember correctly it was added last week in the downtime. Half of the time its posts for Post_Approval, But I personally think, this was a great change, Now we don’t have to see all the spam of Posts.


Statement by Kampfkarren on another topic:

HmmBilly could be right they do spam on there have ya"ll notice that the players face is blank it does not show them i dont know why.

@SuperSmartyPants600 that is the post about its not Updating. not why it was removed.

It’s to the same effect. It states that there’s no reason to casually read bulletin board unless you have a direct link to a post in it.

the catagory on the #bulletin-board perfectly says Topics are locked.

Thats not the issue, he asked why wont the posts come up when you first look on it.

Discourse lets admins configure the # of topics shown in that box. We set it to 0, because you’re not meant to read Bulletin Board. Bulletin Board is intended for external communication (like change logs for games) and post approval, so not for actually reading.