Bullets sometimes not registering on NPCs using ACS 2.0.1

I am making a wave based shooter which uses these NPCs:

and uses this gun engine:

all 3 that i have used, which are all variations of each other have the same issue, that the gun system i am using, ACS 2.0.1, simply does not damage them sometimes. i am only able to replicate this specifically by having them spawn in using a spawner, and sometimes behind cover or if i am right in front of the spawn they will become immune to all damage. i am unsure of why this exactly happens which is why im guessing thats how you can replicate it. the only fix so far is to have the spawns out of view, which the NPCs pathfinding sometimes breaks and does not move, thus softlocking the player. this issue has been bugging me since last year, and i just want to get it over with. do keep in mind that i have slightly edited these free models to fit my game, but i highly doubt they are the root cause of the hits not registering suddenly as they do not interfere with anything related to its health or hitboxes. if anyone could figure why this happens it would be more than appreciated.

after disabling my camera shaker: https://create.roblox.com/marketplace/asset/1461025953/Camera-Shaker%3Fkeyword=&pageNumber=&pagePosition=
i could not replicate this glitch any further. i am still unsure if this is the root cause, but if it continues ill update the post once again.

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Try debugging the whole situation.

First make it so raycasts are visible (if they are invisible) to see if the AIs are somehow missing or shooting elsewhere.

I would then print whatever the rays are hitting, if they do hit the characters correctly, make sure the module correctly includes whatever it hits.

If it does filter correctly, make sure the damaging works.

Sadly I’m on my phone right now so that’s the best advice I can give.

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the AI shoots just fine, its the players not being able to damage them thats the issue. like i said im using ACS 2.0.1, and sometimes the bullets being fired would just stop colliding with the AI.
Untitled Game - Roblox if you want to see the glitch. i still have no clue on how to replicate this so you will have to just play the game normally for awhile until it happens

ACS probably uses some outdated Raycast stuff, like Enum.RaycastFilterType.Blacklist.

If you go into Studio and press CTRL + LeftShift + F, it should bring up the Find All / Replace All window, which you can use to search the whole game for code lines containing Enum.RaycastFilterType.Blacklist, which you can then replace with Enum.RaycastFilterType.Exclude.

does blacklist still retain its functionality despite being depreciated?

I believe it does, but it can’t be used for the newer filters and new generational things.

ive changed it from blacklist to excluded