Burger cuz of new Roblox update

Since Roblox is making this (terrible) update I wanted to make a cheeseburger in replacement for the cheezburger item in a game I’m developing with a friend.


Didn’t Roblox say they weren’t going to implement the update that will prevent offsale items from being used in experiences?


I believe that they only postponed the update to give users time to prepare for the update, thats what I saw atleast.

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Its not just stalling, but that they will be adding a similar policy in the future, and refining that. In other words, The policy you saw isn’t going to be added in the future, but creators can expect similar policys on the platform in the future. Whatever that may be? I don’t know

Also nice burger. If I can recommend one thing I would add sesame seeds on the top burger bun to just take that burger to the next level! Although nice work!


The burger looks good! Could use some sesame seeds on the top of the bun.

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Wait i have a burger model in my game as well. It was made by Roblox, so will it be moderated?

Not sure I think they are making a bee policy

I thought of that I’ll try to add it