Burger Queen Graphics

I recently had the pleasure to work with the popular group, Burger Queen.
I made a logo and 6 graphics for them.

Images :slight_smile:

Individual images (Split up version)

Also while I’m here, whats reasonable to pay for a scripter to script a simulator game? I was thinking 5k upfront plus 30% but I don’t know if that high enough (Or too much) Thanks!


Please ask this in a different category or thread, or negotiate with interested employees on a recruitment thread. This is off topic for giving feedback on the graphics you made for Burger Queen. Threads should strive to cover only one topic, not two different ones.


The white gets in the way, making the focus seem less like a burger and more like milk or something like that. Consider a brighter and bolder colour scheme that focuses on warm colours – reds, yellows, browns, greens – burger colours. Neutrality is a bad idea for advertising.


Good Job i could never have done this

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What are you talking about, exactly?

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I cant make gfx or whatever this is called ;w;

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That’s irrelevant to this topic. If you like a comment then there is an available feature to like it. Please don’t add off-topic feedback as this is clogging up the topic enough.

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Yo, its completely fine. I don’t think they mean’t to respond to you. I want these zones to be calm and polite at all times <3 . Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Imo if you’re gonna do something called “Burger Queen” you should try to place a focus on the “Royalty” theme to the logo. Add a crown. Add some gold accenting. Maybe touch a bit more on an antique style of text rather than this more straight edge “futuristic” type.

Minus that factor, I feel like this is a very “standard” logo for a fake fast food chain these days. Quality is fine, just the idea isn’t anything super original.


Thanks for the feedback! I will take that into consideration for my future work :slight_smile:


I like ur ideas, they’re really creative but I think it was based off the fast food place, Burger King? If i’m not wrong, I think they’re just trying to give that vibe back. Either way, great ideas.

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Burger King uses crowns in their media print a lot. As well they have a font that doesn’t feel so future proof and they use Royal Blue and Gold in their logo.

There are subtle ways to convey royalty without a crown. Just a crown is easier.

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