Burger Queen - Handbook


Welcome to the Burger Queen Handbook! :hamburger:

Here you will find a variety of different guides all compiled into one easy to read handbook that are designed to assist you with various different aspects and topics relating to the Burger Queen group! This handbook is split up into three sections, the first section are guides directed towards all members of Burger Queen and/or guests, the second section are guides specifically regarding our operations, and the final section are guides which will only be used by our MR+ team (Intern+).

General Guides :hugs:

Wanting to ally with our group? Check out the following guide to find all our requirements, as well as the ally application you will need to fill out!

  • Partnership Guide:

Low Rank Guides :man_cook:

  • Professional Shadowing Guide:

  • Promotion Guide:

Middle Rank+ Guides :clipboard:

  • General Staff Guide:

  • Training Guide:

  • Training Hosting Guide:

If you have any further questions regarding Burger Queen operations that are not covered in any of the guides above, please alert a member of the Human Resources team, or if necessary, a member of the SHR team. Thank you.