Burning Speeds update log

This will be populated with every changelog ever recorded for Burning Speeds soon. For now it’s just for new updates.

Alpha Release

V changelog (8/10/2020):

• Added in a voting for the Alpha exclusive car.
• Enabled PBR and sky-based lighting.

V changelog (9/2/2019):

• Fixed how the mall was hovering above the ground.
• You can now steer in reverse - this was an accidental change caused by a new system in the previous update.
• Fixed a bug where clicking in between the RGB and Value pickers would change the current color selection to Primary or Secondary.
• Fixed the Honsae Civil’s 0-60 to 6.5 seconds.

• New cars:
-Relying Finch
-Rolet Camero Z1
• Fun suspension area in front of the mall!
• New road and sidewalk textures!
• New skybox!
• New, accurate preview system!
• The color picker now supports dragging your mouse, plus a new value indicator!

• Rebuilt Frisky’s Mud Laps!
• Legs are now hidden regardless of your “Hide Hats” setting.
• [For Head Moderators and above] Changed the fly/noclip keybind.
• Made the shop pad transition faster.
• Altered the acceleration bar, the bar is now empty at a 0-60 of 16.5 rather than 10.0.
• Touching the volcano’s lava now kills players.
• The shop Value (brightness) picker now updates according to the currently selected color.
• Renamed the “MacLernon Prost” to the “MacLernon Ayrton”.

V changelog:

• Possible fix for the Peel P50 getting stuck in the ground.
• Possible fix for the level progress bar not working when a player has bought level skips.

• Chat tags for staff (Mods in training and up).
• Admin panel for Head Moderators and up.

• Lowered start sound volume on the Grand Turismo S

V changelog:

• Car sounds are no longer audible before starting the engine for the first time.
• Fixed the Fade GT’s passenger seat.
• Fixed the Landorvino Centenario’s front right wheel: before this update it was sticking out.
• Redid the Landorvino Centenario’s wheelbase. Inequalities should be fixed.
• The handbrake is no longer initialized while typing in the chat.
• Fixed Cruise Control on mobile devices.
• You can no longer leave your vehicle while the radio GUI is active. This was already true on PC, but is now applicable to mobile as well.
• Fixed a bug where the GUI would remain visible if someone respawned their vehicle while you were driving it.

• New lighting effects on streetlights!
• Lights in Frisky’s Mud Laps!
• Added a lot more loading screen texts!
• New vehicles!
-Monster Truck
-Pale 50
-Dart Rival Ocelot
• Exclusive vehicle for Head Moderators and above: Varsation’s Dragster!
• Straight-cut gearbox sounds!
• Supercharger sounds!
• New shop camera angle for high vehicles.
• Body roll!
• Level progress bar!

• Tuned suspension for all vehicles! Suspension should feel a lot better now.
• Character legs are now hidden whilst in a vehicle.
• Altered traction on some vehicles.
• Moved mobile radio button to a less interfering location.
• Field of View is now reset when character is reset / you exit a car.

V changelog:

• Fixed a bug where the Plywood XGT would slow down upon entering the 4th gear.
• Fixed the Plywood XGT’s taillights.
• Fixed the Plywood XGT’s top speed.
• Worked on all cars’ wheelbases; most cars which had inequalities in the wheelbase (for example one side’s tires sticking out etc.) should no longer have these inequalities.
• There are no longer visible white bricks inside cars’ wheels.
• The short ramps in front of the dealership are now in contact with the ground.
• The unlock notification no longer appears for vehicles which require a gamepass which you do not own, or for the Pre-Alpha car.
• Fixed the MacLernon P1 GT’s top speed.
• Fixed a bug where certain cars would only play the start sound once

• All cars now have suspension!
• Added fog, visible in places far from your camera.
• Added a “Physics Glitch” deletion system.
• 2 new vehicles!
-V Motors Lyper Hykan
-Ferrari FXX-K
• Smooth Day/Night cycle transitions!

• Rebalanced unlocking levels. (I’m gonna do this soon)
• The server restart GUI now scales by screen size.
• The warning GUI is now closeable using a controller.
• Nerfed the Tomaha Noble, it now has a more realistic acceleration stat.
• Taillights now have more realistic behavior.
• Adjusted lighting.
• Slightly raised the Landorvino Venom’s body in comparison to its wheels.
• Changed the Tronon Avenger’s drive sound.
• Changed the Tronon Avenger’s startup sound.
• Changed the Tomaha Noble’s drive sound.
• Changed the Tomaha Noble’s startup sound.
• Changed the MacLernon Prost’s startup sound - it’s old one was given to the Grand Turismo S, and it now has a new one.
• Changes to the shop system; someone driving a car they don’t own should be less common.
• Made the highway less crash-prone.
• Adjusted seats on the Apono Cougar R.
• Redid highway entrance.
• Made the Coneg Yesko sound more aggressive.
• Altered the MacLernon P1 GT’s gear ratios.
• Redid a road in front of the dealership, and removed a building.
• Raised highway walls.

V changelog:

• Fixed the notorious intro bug.
• Fixed a bump in Frisky’s Mud Laps.
• Level skip bugs should now be fixed.
• Fixed the Dart Capricorn 1700’s top speed.

• 3 new cars!
-Fade 600 GT
-Neptune 6-Passenger Coupe
-Plywood XGT
• Added mobile support!
• Added a new user tutorial!
• A padlock icon now appears on cars which are locked for you.
• Laid down the base of the highway.

• You can no longer enter a vehicle while in the intro.
• Downscaled the Level/Miles GUI. It should also scale with screen size, so no more huge miles/level GUI on smaller screens.
• The Radio GUI now also scales with screen size.
• The miles/level GUI now changes its position on a touchscreen.
• Removed the “midnight” cycle.
• You can now press the spacebar to jump out of a passenger seat in any vehicle.
• The “Press V to enter” image is changed to a “Tap to enter” image on mobile devices.
• Changed some cars’ unlock levels.


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