Business Simulator [GAME FEEDBACK]

Hi everyone! I have made a game about simulating being in a business, and working for a company. I wanted to show it to others and ask for feedback on the game; and what should be changed or added. Thank you!

Game Link:


What is the task in the game when a player joins? I joined the game and there wasn’t really any feedback on what to do, is it meant to be a Showcase or a map used for roleplaying purposes?

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Mainly a map used for roleplaying. It’s not the “Roblox Clicker-Simulator” type of game, it’s just for playing around, and actually “simulating” being and working for a business.


Very interesting concept.

I would suggest fixing all the z-fighting I see all around the office.

This seems to have potential. I would add some sort of direction, and Roleplay Items. Also add some functionality to the objects around the office.

Seems a bit empty also. And eerily silent.

The elevator is one of the only things that generate audio from what I have found. Elevator could be quicker too.

I would also suggest using Custom PBR textures over the Roblox-Defaults.

The office chairs in the meeting room are insanely difficult to exit, and I noticed the vast usage of free models.

Also, why are some of the computer monitors double sided? :joy:

I noticed that the style seems to be clashing, like the office cannot decide if it wants to be Realistic or Blocky (Commonly an issue in largely free modeled games)

The bloom on the lighting is a bit much in some areas, and makes White-Colored object look like they came from the sun.

Also, the Blue Flooring is a bit strange.

I am just being honest with this feedback. Please do not be offended by this. :slightly_smiling_face:

But overall, this needs improvement. Have a good day! :wink::+1:

If I’m not wrong, this game is just a collage of free models…

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ok im bringing out my building feedback side
first of all, SHADOWS

the building lack any lighting in the center, normally i would say look at real life buildings for ideas, but since no building is that big, we can skip that part.
so, how do we fix it?
well you can add bridges between the two sides, and add a lighting in the middle, not only does this spice up the building a bit, it also provides a place for the lights to go
for example: the building the two caps fought on in end game (only one that came up to my mind for some reason)

secondly, MY EYES

try not to overlap lights or decrease their brightness if you can, and avoid using neon for lights

Thirdly, try to keep a style

“john why did you buy so many different tables”
lastly, try avoiding dark blue/ neon blue, it does NOT mix well with the building AT ALL

if you have any questions regarding my rambling, please lmk

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