Butterfly v1.01 ━ the perfect kit for training centers

June 14, 2022 - we have decided to discontinue the “Butterfly” project due to a large amount of reported bugs we were unable to find a fix to. The model and documentation will remain public, but we no longer offer technical support for this product.

Butterfly is a new, free, and open-source system dedicated to training or interview centers for roleplay community games (e.g. hotel games, cafe games, etc.).

There are hundreds of developers and groups that want to make their training or application center on their own. This is where Butterfly comes in: we offer you a variety of scripts & logic that can boost up the place where players attend different types of sessions.

Installing Butterfly is 100% free and very easy. To start off, you will want to take the model from ROBLOX’s library. You can find it at the following link:

Once you own it, you can insert it into your game. Once done, you will notice a Folder named “Butterfly System”. If you open the Folder, you will see 3 elements: a ModuleScript named “Configuration” or “Settings”, a Folder named “Data”, and another Folder named “Butterfly_Workspace”. You will need to take the Folder “Butterfly_Workspace” and put it separately inside the game’s Workspace. Once you did, you can use these elements in your game’s map.
Do not forget to place the main “Butterfly System” Folder inside ServerScriptService after you moved the “Butterfly_Workspace” Folder.

Once done placing these 2 Folders, you will want to open the file named “Settings” or “Configuration”. It is placed inside the main “Butterfly System” Folder (that is now supposed to be inside ServerScriptService). Inside the script you just opened, you can make changes to the system configuration. Everything is explained inside there (commented).
Here is a full article on how to set Butterfly up (safe link - Freshdesk): Setting up Butterfly in your game : Session 42 Studios

If you finished configuring the script, you’re ready to go!

Further documentation or a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up the system can be found on Session 42 Studios’ knowledge base (safe link - Freshdesk):

As Butterfly is open-sourced, you are free to edit any files if you know what you are doing. However, we are not responsible for the system errors once you make changes to anything else besides the configuration file.

Right now, the only way to contribute is to check out our product and report any bug you find or leave honest feedback. We also appreciate suggestions on what changes we could do next to Butterfly. Also, you could give credits to Session 42 Studios if you use our product if you’d want to help even more.

However, please keep everything in a friendly tone.

Here are a few screenshots, but you will want to try it out if you really wanna see how the system works.

Screenshots (click to expand)

The session details board:

The teaming command for “Host”:

The PTS command when enabled:

The PTS disableing command:

The teaming command for “Trainer”:

The teaming command for “Session Supervisor”:

Mobile presentation video (click to expand)

Link to video (safe link - OneDrive): OneDrive video with Butterfly presentaion

Butterfly has been checked several times for vulnerability that could lead to the experience’s malfunction and we’re confident that it is safe to use. However, any changes you make to the system files are not our responsibility anymore.

Butterfly is free to use, but the only condition is not to claim that you created the product. All credits for this belong to Session 42 Studios. We’d appreciate it if you’d give additional credits to Session 42 Studios, however, this is not a requirement.

Note that Butterfly’s script cannot automatically update, so if you’d like to update it to the latest version(s), you will have to re-insert the model every time you do it.

The physical elements placed inside the “Butterfly_Workspace” Folder can be duplicated and placed around your game’s map.

If you find issues or would like to suggest changes, you may leave your comment in this post or directly contact us here (safe link - Freshdesk).

Butterfly is compatible with Blueberry System v1.05 and up, which will allow you to use a custom UI when activating the slock (server lock) function.


:clap: Great Invention!

I’m sure this will help some of developers!

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This will definitly help some developers out there. Though I think I’ll stick to discord, but good job !!!

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I think this will be great for those who is new to the cafe community + for someone who doesn’t know how to script!


This is not working for me, I just did the stuff in the settings script. I also delted some things I did not need like the stage, and locked training door. Am I doing something wrong? And also a bug I found is your time is off by a hour.

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Hi! If you could provide any screenshots of the console (output) to check if there are any errors would be great!

And the time is EST.

Wow! Session 42 Studios always come out with astonishing creations! Amazing job!!


Thank you for supporting us for so long!


Alright I will get some screenshots soon. And Ik the time is EST but I am EST and the time is a hour behide because of DLS.

Screenshot 2022-04-26 110738‘’

devconsole errors

This is probably because you modified a file’s position in the Explorer. Maybe by mistake. If you wish to make it work, feel free to direct message me on DevForum so I can assist you further.

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I would love a built in announcement panel, or a command that would state the rules and basic introduction for the training, though the current features stand alone as a great resource. I hope you continue to update and add to this model, good work!


What’s blueberry btw.

Blueberry is another product developed by us. Check it out here;

It doesn’t work? I have tried everyting

Butterfly is now discontinued.