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I’ve recently learned metatables, which I thought to utilize to store custom button data for a plugin I’m creating. I am slightly confused on metamethods. I understand the basics, but given the code examples, I didn’t understand a few things. Are metamethods events or function operators?, Do I only use metamethods in a metatable?, Do I use __index to add new data to a metatable?
Briefly, I am having issues understanding the concept of metatables and metamethods. I can’t decide if I should use them to store custom data tables in another.

I appreciate all help

  • Metamethods are function operators that are called by Lua when specific events occur on a table, such as indexing a non-existent key or adding two tables together.
  • Metamethods are typically defined within a metatable, which is a separate table that is associated with another table and specifies how that table behaves in certain operations.
  • The __index metamethod is used to define the behavior of the table when indexing a non-existent key. It is often used to implement default values or to redirect access to a different table.

In terms of your plugin, you could use metatables to store custom data for your buttons. You could define a metatable for each button table that specifies the behavior of the table, including the metamethods you want to use. For example, you could define a __index metamethod to provide default values for any missing properties of the button table.

I’ll be happy to send you an example if you want.

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So, it is adequate to make a metatable for a table to avoid additional table check functions? Do I put that correctly?

Yes, using a metatable can be a convenient way to add additional functionality or behavior to a Lua table without having to write additional functions or checks

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