Button Game Ideas

Hello Everyone,

I have just brainstormed an idea about 1 button in the game that does a specific action however, I have halted to an end at this point as I’m unsure on what this button’s action will be. Then I started thinking should this button generate objects, should it generate silly things? I started watching YouTube videos of ‘Scripting your funny ideas’, this inspired me to make a silly but entertaining game. However, I am lost on where to start. What should I add?

This is what the game looks like now:


Please give me some feedback below. Thank you :slight_smile:


Maybe have a big table of actions based on the world/players in the game, and pick one at random each press? Things like changing the world’s lighting, putting a weird hat on a random player, change the skybox texture, etc.

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I don’t know how to rate a baseplate with a funny man starring at an egg.

I agree. There should be a ton of random actions that happens when any player touches the button.

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That button kind of looks like something you’d see in a “Don’t press the button” game.

Here’s some of my ideas, ig!

  • Multiple buttons pop up and you have to press them all until you find the right one
  • A walking rock called ‘The Rock’
  • Math homework, lol
  • Random bundle parts put on character
  • Lots of cursors on screen
  • Teleport off map
  • Exploding button
  • Meatballs and ducks falling from the sky
  • Teapot game!
  • Noob/bacons walking around everywhere
  • No jumping, walking, etc
  • Obby
  • Like MP3Face said, putting a weird hat onto the character!
  • Random gear given to random player
  • Chess board
  • Slow walking
  • Spinning character
  • Disco
  • Baseplate turns to water area
  • Everyone turns into you, the owner!

And those are most of the ideas I could think of.


I agree this does seem like a “Don’t press the button” type of game.