Button GUI does not work/trigger the script what so ever

So i have a main menu designed and i would like to script a button to switch tabs. But for some reason the button doesn’t trigger the script what so ever and i’ve been looking for a solution for DAYS and i cannot find anything! Any solutions that i could try?

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You need to use .MouseButton1Click Instead of .Mousebutton1click always watch out for typos.

I already tried. Didnt work. That usually doesn’t really matter, since i have that multiple times, but the thing is that the script doesn’t get triggered at all. It should also execute the “print(yes)”, but it didn’t execute that either.

You should use the .Activated event on a TextButton. It has the additional benefit of being cross-platform, so whether you use a mouse, touch screen or controller, it will work :smile:

Oh. In that case, is your script:

  • a LocalScript, or a Script with the RunContext set to Client?
  • Enabled?
  • in a permitted container?

It’s just a normal LocalScript inside a textbutton. But what do you mean .Activated? I haven’t used that method before. Gotten a lil rusty after not working in studio with school and all. Can you give me an example?

Can you show the output and are there any errors?

There are no errors or specific outputs at all. It didn’t print either.

That seems to be the output for a different script. Could you scroll through and see if there is anything else related to this script

I have found the the solution, i made a TYPO at players. I have never been this embarrassed in my entire life with one single forum BUT thank you everyone for helping anyways!
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