Button Open/Close Script Not Working

I’m trying to make a working Button that Open/Close a SettingFrame.
But I don’t know why My script not Working.
Here is the Script - Screenshot 2021-01-26 at 095857
And Explorer -
Screenshot 2021-01-26 at 095937
Thanks in Advance!


Please make sure to format your code right aaaa

local settingOpen = script.Parent.Parent.Parent["SettingOpen?"]

You can’t do it like that I believe, you need to replace it with parhenthesis instead

if settingOpen == false then

This right here is just getting the BoolValue Instance (I’m assuming), not the actual Value property so you may wanna change that to:

if settingOpen.Value == false then
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Screenshot 2021-01-26 at 101625
Now, what Happening.
Lo! I’m so bad at coding

It’s fine! Are there any errors in the Output at all? Or can you add print statements to see what lines of code work?

Screenshot 2021-01-26 at 102003
Output Showing

Ah yes, the print statements! If you see the UI’s to be non-visible to the client, then it works!

Plz can u be a little clear I dont understood what u r saying

Aaaaaaa The second image you posted, is a ScreenGUI parented inside the StarterGUI which all players can see, and each player has what’s called a: Client. The client is basically just what the player sees on their screen, or what’s happening to them “locally”.

Let me give an example:

--Player 1 pushes the button that makes the ScreenGUI's Frame invisible (What the hecc where did my FRAMES GO? :frowning:)

--Player 2 does nothing, and his ScreenGUI Frame stays visible because he did not push the button (*Insert a random derp face here*)

Long story short, the client is basically what 1 player sees, but the other player doesn’t

Ok thanks for the info but how do i do it