Button Simulator: Nova Tutorial / Guide

This is a tutorial and feedback thread for my new Button Simulator kit,

Button Simulator Nova!

Yes, maybe the name could be better.

This is a button simulator kit designed to be very customizable with little to no knowledge of scripting. Here, I’ll go over the basic categories of everything, how to implement it, and answer questions below.

You can find the kit here.

This guide will cover:
Getting Started - Preparing the kit.
Customizing Buttons - Configuring and adding new buttons.
Portals - Creating and changing how portals behave.
Adding/Changing Stats - Creating new stats, or adding some.
Adding New Stats - Goes over example of how to create a new stat called ‘Ultra Rebirth’.
Adding Credits - Explains what credit is required and how to set up the ‘Take Model’ board.
Final Notes - Goes over some finishing touches and facts about me or this guide.

Getting Started

Upon first inserting the kit, it will look a little like this.

You can delete the object called ‘ThumbnailCamera’.
To start off, take all the folders and ungroup them into the appropriate Service.
Services are just the parts of your game. Look for the one with the same name and then right click the folder and press ‘Ungroup’! Also, in order to prevent errors, you may want to go to ‘Game Settings’ (In the home tab at the top), go to Security, and enable Studio Access to API services.

Once this is done, proceed to the next steps.

Customizing Buttons

In order to customize buttons, go to the ‘Buttons’ folder in workspace, then open any button. I’d also suggest deleting every button but one here, for clarity. Once you check inside a button, it should look like this.
Right click ‘Config’, and press ‘Open.’ You’ll see this afterwards.

Every one of these settings impacts how a button behaves, so let’s go through them one by one. (Or you can read in the image, but it may be easier to understand here.)

StatTaken: The stat this button takes. In this case, it is Cash. This means that if the player has more cash than this takes (In this case, 10), they will be able to buy the button, and will lose some cash.

StatGiven: The stat this button rewards people with. In this case, it is Multi. This means that whenever someone buys this button, they will get some of this stat.

StatRequired: The stat this requires to use. In this case, it is nil, to mean none. An example of this stat actually being used could be this:

Here, this button requires 2 rebirths to use. This means that if someone has less than 2 rebirths, they cannot use this button. However, unlike StatTaken, the player gets to keep those 2 rebirths when they buy this button.

Rebuild: Buttons designed to help you get your stats back once you reset. When this is set to true, it won’t take any stats, and the reward won’t get multiplied by anything, either. It will still require you to have a certain amount of the valye in StatTaken, though. If you aren’t comfortable using these, leave a post at the bottom and I will try to help you learn.

Now that you know what everything does, you can configure your own buttons. Just a note, be careful what you set the stats to, as they have to be spelled and capitalized properly. Now that you’ve learned how to use these, try changing these values and make your button do something new! The stats in the base kit are “Cash”, “Multi”, and “Rebirths”. If this doesn’t work, leave a post and I will try to help. If it does, great work! Let’s move onto the next section. If you want more buttons, you can duplicate these and change the config then. You can also completely delete or change ‘Decoration’, to make your button designs unique. Now for…


Portals are rather similar to Buttons. Open the ‘Portals’ folder, and open one of the two portals in the kit.
Once again, right click ‘Config’ and click Open. It should look like this when you open config:

Let’s go over this, but in less detail as most are self explanatory.

StatRequired: Similar to buttons. If it requires any stat, write your stat’s name, with quotation marks (") surronding it, and in the second value, write a number with quotations marks around it as well.

SkillRequired: Skill is a measure of how far into the game someone is. This value is essentially a marker of how far you need to progress to use this portal. If you enjoy math, Skill is calculated as Log10(Cash).

TPName: The name of where you go to. This will be the name of the portal, and what shows up on the GUI when you teleport.

BGColor: The color (IN RGB) of the background, on the teleport GUI.

TextColor: Whether the text is “Light”, or “Dark”. Once again part of the TeleportGui.

One last thing with portals.
This yellow dot is where you teleport to after touching the portal. Move it around to wherever you’d like to go. Note that, this disappears after you start playing.

Try to configure this portal now as an excercise, and see if it works. If not? Leave a post and if you have, any info on where you think it went wrong. If it did work, Good job! We can move onto the next, and most important, category.

Adding/Changing Stats

This part is what Button Simulator: Nova is designed for. In order to add new stats, first open up the scripts in ServerScriptService.
Afterwards, open up ReplicatedStorage, then Modules.
(Forgive my low quality drawings, please.)
Now that this is done, click the arrow next to ‘LoadStats’ in ServerScriptService >BSKNScripts, and then open InvisibleStats. Then, right click Stats in ReplicatedStorage > Modules, and press open. Once this is done: You should see this for LoadStats:
And this for Stats:

For starters, don’t worry about ‘MainStat’. I’ll go over everything in Stat that matters now.
Colors: The main color of every stat, for when it’s in the buttons, and over your head.

OutlineColors: Similar, just the color of the outline.

Priority: The order in which these appear, above your head.

If you don’t want something appearing in the GUI above your head, don’t include it here.

Multipliers: This one is more complicated. Each stat has an entry here, and within that entry is more. I’ll explain cash to keep things clear here. In cash, there is
["Multi"] = "1";, which means each multi gives you +1x more cash, or 2x with 1 multi, 3x with 2, and so on.
["Rebirths"] = "0.5"; means each rebirth gives you 50% more cash, or 100% with 2.

Resets: If a button has Rebuild set to false, and you gain a stat here, then it resets some stats. In this case, gaining Cash or Multi resets nothing, while gaining Rebirths resets cash and multi to 0.

Now that we’ve gone over all this, I can explain adding a new stat!

Adding New Stats

To add a new stat, Start off in LoadStats, in ServerScriptService.
Right click any stat already here, and click ‘Duplicate’. Now, rename your new value to whatever stat you want, here we’ll name it “Ultra Rebirths”.
If you want to start off with more than 0 of these, change Value to that amount.
Now that we have this new value, we aren’t done yet. Now, open up the Stats module.

In every thing here, add your new stat to the list. If you aren’t sure how, just select and duplicate (Ctrl+c, ctrl+v) any of the other ones, and rewrite it with your stats name, or here, “Ultra Rebirths”.

After doing so, this might look a bit like this, Note that these can be in any order, and you can set the Color or OutlineColor to anything you want. Now that we’re done with this, we can proceed onto Multiplier and Resets.
In multipliers, start by duplicating any of these (I duplicated Rebirths), and replace the stat name. Now that we’re done with this, go into the entry for the stat you want to multiply. In this case, we want to multiply Rebirths, so we enter here.
Now that we’ve done this, write something like this:
["StatName"] = 1;. In this case, the stat would increase Rebirth gain by 100%, or +1x, each. Let’s say we add ["Ultra Rebirths"] = 1; here, to make Ultra Rebirths boost rebirths. It would look like this:
Now that we’re done with this, we can go to ‘Resets’, the final section of this.
Resets looks like this. Clone one of these previous entries, or write your own (Include a ; at the end!!!) and replace the first bit with your stat name.

In our case, it would look like this so far. Now, we want Ultra Rebirths to reset Rebirths, right? To do this, we add a comma after Multi in it’s entry, and write “Rebirths”.
It should look like this afterwards.
After finishing this, we should be done! Run a test and see if your game works. (Go to Test at the top of your screen after closing ‘Stats’, and press Play!)
It should look something like this:
(If the color’s different, don’t worry, thats fine.)
If this worked, Good job! If you ever need to refer back to any of this, you can either come back to this topic or look at the ‘Read Me’ script included in the kit.
You can stop reading here if you want, or continue to support me.

Adding Credits

To add credits to your game, always credit this in the description please. You can do more to help though, and that’s where this board comes in:
To credit me and allow this board to work, go to Game Settings (in the Home tab at the top of the screen), then go to ‘Security’. Once you are at Security, click ‘Allow Third Party Sales’, and then you’re done, and you can click on ‘Get Button Simulator Kit: Nova’ to take the kit. This is purely optional, so if you do not want to do this, you do not have to. Thank you, and goodbye.

Final Notes

This is my first time ever creating an explanation / tutorial / guide. If this was confusing, or if you had ways to improve this, please tell me! I would love the feedback, and I’ll try to read all of it.


Remember, If you have any Questions, Suggestions, or Feedback, send it here, and I’ll respond as soon as I can!