Button.Activated fired on join game?

I’m not entirely sure what the deal with this error is… I started adding buttons to my game and when I wanted to test their functions, (Its a title screen so it only fires once in the entire game) some of them activate as soon as I press the test play button. Resulting in levels starting before you can see the game.

Please help ASAP, well not ASAP, just within the day. I have to publish this update and am not sure how to fix this.

Please note that this is in Design support because I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong.

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This should be in scripting support

But its not a script issue, I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the Ui Button properties

Well UI button functionality and properties clearly doesn’t have to do with Art Design Support. And in the title it clearly states ‘Button.Activated’, ‘fired’, and ‘on join game’ which are scripting topics. If you post this in Scripting Support people who script UIs often would be able to help you out.

Sooooo… Its a script issue… That doesnt use script ;-;
Ill just repost it in scripting.

How can you possibly use buttons without a script?

Well, I only have button activated then print.

I know what the issue is but I’ll be able to help you out once you post it in scripting support

But it activates on its own, (Without input)

Also, I did. I just edited the topic.

Nice okay, instead of Button.Activated, use Button.MouseButton1Click

Its cross platform… So that would break anything else I’ve set up.

Shouldn’t .Activated run on mouse click, tap, and selected with gamepad? Because my other buttons work.

Can you show a script so I can see

`local function startLevel(LevelNumber)


I take it that it prints ‘Run’ by itself without clicking?

Yes it does, I’m starting to think that it’s an studio bug.

I think you need to check what the input is before printing, I’m testing it now and I’ll send you a script once finished

Why do my other buttons work then… They all work the exact same way. They are ctrl + c, ctrl + v…

I think I found the issue…
Can there be too many ‘.Activated’ in 1 script?

If it’s for the same button it could create issues