Buttons Being Selected Through Other Frame

I have a Frame in front of another Frame with buttons and when i test it I click the button that opens the Frame on top of the Frame with buttons and if i click around where a button is on the Frame behind it it pulls that buttons menu up while the other one i just opened is still open.

Is there any way to make buttons not selectable that are behind a new open frame?

I Hope I Can Get Some Help!

Frames have an Active property that you can set Enable/Disabled. Disabling it will make it so clicking on the frame does not pass mouse events behind it. (will prevent clicking a button behind a frame). Set the top most frame’s Active property to false.(the one in front of buttons).

Hi, i’m having trouble with this,
i’m making the frame that pops up (witch also has buttons) not active but it’s not working, I have multiple frames that pop up like this each with buttons that trigers them to pop up.

Do u know whats going on?

Sorry for late reply. I am unsure since it should have worked but I have not personally ran into this issue as I usually set frames visible to false when another frame is on top of it to prevent clicking buttons behind it. I also script the buttons to check if the frame is visible before it does anything.

Its ok, thank you for trying to help!

You could always turn off the visibility for the buttons…

I Figured out how to do it!
I made the whole back frame go invisible while the new frame is open.