Buy team gamepass


I have searching how to make team gamepass for hour. so I decided to ask in the DevForum. I dont know what topic should I put so I put scripting support.

For an example: I sell gamepass to get teams in my gamesimage

If you want to get “Blue Team” you need to buy the gamepass.

and that the problem I dont know how. can someone help me.

Im sorry about my English I rarely post a topic in DevForum.

You would create the gamepass through the game passes page in Creations. Then, use the check for gamepass ownership:

if MarketplaceService:UserOwnsGamePassAsync(plr.UserId, gamepassID) then
    -- Apply Team:
    plr.Team = game:GetService("Teams")["Blue Team"];

With some scripting knowledge you could add on to it, all you need to do for this script to work if put this in a Players.PlayerAdded connection with the player defined as plr, and the gamepassID defined as the number that you see in the link on your browser after having created the gamepass.