Buying a friend BC or Robux

Have you ever thought of buying a friend builder’s club without actually giving them a card… rather just using the leftover credits you have?

Well, that isn’t possible. This idea came to me from Steam where you can buy steam games as a gift for other people. obviously, the user receiving has to either accept or decline.

The feature I am proposing is being able to buy BC or Robux for another player on Roblox, and they being able to accept or deny. However, if it were to be declined, the money would be returned as “Roblox Credits” rather than going back to paypal or credit card or whatever.

Let me make some use for this by helping out my friends!


I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad idea, but I do think there would be a lot of implementation complications.

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iirc people have had their accounts stolen in the past because somebody else’s billing info was associated with it. If people are going to be doing this then an official means would be good so that doesn’t happen.

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Steam is listed as an example, but if you look at the very same example you’ll see that that does not apply to wallet funds, likely to prevent account theft. Roblox used to have it where you could buy cards online… No idea what happened with that to have it vanish, though.

Nope! Still there!

The reason why I brought up the roblox credits part is because it would seem slightly difficult to “refund?” back onto paypal or the bank (paypal takes a percentage). Additionally, on steam, when a gift is declined, the game is stored in the buyer’s inventory and can be gifted to a different person. I don’t see how that would work on roblox though.

Nope! It’s gone! I’m talking about the fact that you could buy cards straight from the Roblox site, not sites such as Walmart offering the cards online. Shame too, because it looked rather convenient.

Oh, I didn’t know Roblox had such a thing. Welp.