Hello guys! I need a pet hatch system for my roblox simulator. If you have one please contact me with the details below! :smiley:

NEEDS : image – Does not need the “Auto” or “3 Eggs per purchase”
& Also need’s the inventory.

I will pay 1k and above for it. Please contact me with a price set, and this can be negotiable.


DISCORD : GrinchDeveloper#6312
Below! :smiley:

Thanks!! :slight_smile:


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I Would sell mine but i dont feel 1K Is enough, I defenitly would contact you if i didnt need it but i do so i dont think i will sell mine. Good luck buying one!

Oh, stated above i said 1k and above. That means any where above 1k i will pay.


Willing to pay more, contact me on discord and we can get a price.

I do it for 1K contact me on discord (TheTalentlessDummy#1695). Feel free to ask me quistions.

He did not complete the task and tried to scam me. He also tried to call me a scammer, anyways still open! :grinning:

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Could you show proof please? Add me on discord nano#1413

Sent a friend req @GrinchDeveloper

A pet system is worth 20-40k. Yours is on the upper end.

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What is the extent on what you’re asking for, you said you just need a hatch system with inventory, do you already have a pet equip system made?

Price changes drastically on that, more detail is needed, and if you don’t already have a pet equip system then you’re actually asking for an inventory system, a pet equip system, and a hatching system
(and a pet equipping system would likely cost more than the hatching system)

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