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About Us

Beacon View Academy is a new and unique British ro-schooling community who are seeking a developer to build us a school campus. It’d also benefit us if you can do simple scripting tasks, although this isn’t a requirement.

About The Job

We expect a high-quality building that suits our school’s theme/colours. It is a requirement to have good communication skills as progress will be checked almost daily and as a community, we believe that it is important to form both, friendly and professional relationships with one another. Our school leaders are looking for original designs and would like our campus to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Below, you’ll see some references of what we are looking for.



General Classrooms



Assembly Hall

We’re wanting 3 separate blocks (unless you have any other ideas that’ll look better):

Block A

4 classrooms, 3 toilets, and a reception area.

Block B

2 halls, 3 toilets, 1 large room for library/common room and then an open cafeteria.

Block C

[•] 5 rooms and 10 offices.

If the campus can be made as soon as possible then that’d be great, however, we do not wish to rush our developers as we believe that builders can not reach their full potential when they are under pressure and are having to rush.


We are willing to pay $25 - $70 on the school campus, although it does depend on the amount of skill and detail. If a robux payment is better for you, that can also be arranged.

Contact Us

Please contact me on Discord: ୨୧ 。˚ Amelia ˚。 ୨୧#5363
You must be 13 years or older in order to apply.


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