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Welcome to Bloxway Public Handbook!

On this post, you will find all he informations you need about the informations of the group. Please find down below the informations about the group.

General Informations

Here are the main links of the group, you may find our main game and our group.

Group Link
Work at Bloxway

Departments Informations

On this sections, you will find all the department informations you need to know. The department are essential to make sure the group running smoothly and to ensure the best service possible to each customers and visitors.

Department Leaders

Staffing Department:
This department is in charge of the staffing in general. They are in charge of the employment and applications. They also deal with staff reports.

Director: pizzamaster160
Co Director: skullynoah

Operations Department:
This department is in charge of the operations of the group. They are in charge of the staff guides and how sessions works. They manage how the operations works on Bloxway.

Director: M8CK3NZ13
Co Director: Auqustv

Moderation Department:
This department is in charge of the moderation of the game and the discord. They handle staff moderation reports and they are in charge of how the moderation in game will be.

Director: Auqustv
Co Director: 24k_Bradyyy

Communications Department:
This department is in charge of the communications. They are dealing with alliances, events etc. They are people which will host events and answer to your questions.

Director: Cupcakesheet67
Co Director: M8CK3NZ13

Affiliation Program

Bloxway is ecstatic to see you thinking about forming a positive alliance with us! Below you will find our requirements & application! Please note if you have any questions or concerns, contact the Communications Director!

Affiliation Requirements

  • Group or community must have 5,000 (Old: 10,000) group members. Group members as in real players. Alternative accounts won’t count.

  • Group or community must have 200 (Old: 500) Discord members. Bots will not count.

  • Group or community must have a clean and reputable history throughout the ROBLOX and Discord platform.

  • Group or community must send a minimum of two alliance representatives to our communications server upon the formation of the alliance

  • Group or community must follow and comply with our guidelines and ROBLOX Terms of Service & Use.

  • Group must have some level of activity, (daily sessions etc.)
    For more informations about the affiliation application, please visit our Affiliation Handook.
    Affiliation Handbook

Rank Purchasing Terms of Services

On this section, you will find the Terms of Services and Conditions about purchasing a rank here at Bloxway.

Bloxway Terms of Services

  • Each rank purchased counted as a donation.
  • Refunds are not allowed.
  • We are not responsible if you are getting demoted/terminated/suspended.
  • You must comply to the Bloxway Terms of Services and Staff Guidelines.
  • You must be in our discord server. (MR+)
  • We have the right to remove your permissions without noticing you.
  • Bloxway Leadership has the right to blacklist you for any actions are breaking Bloxway ToS or Roblox ToS
  • You are allowed to claim your rank ONE time only. (Exceptions can be made by the Leadership Team only)
Rank Structure/Description

In this section, all the informations about the rank structure will be stated.

Leadership Team
The Leadership team at Bloxway are the highest rank on the chain. The Leadership Team are in charge of the group operations. They are the most trusted people i the group which have the capacities to deal with any situations can occurs during their journey at Bloxway. The Leadership Team ranks are from Vice Chairperson to Chairperson.

Senior High Rank
The Senior High Ranks are managing the groups operations by specific departments. In the SHR team, we have Corporate Director which are in charge of 1 department. These department has 1 specific task to do. Each department are different to ensure Bloxway to run smoothly. The senior High rank is NOT purchasable and an be only get by applications or promotions. The SHR members are all in 1-2 department each. So, Senior High Ranks are the people who are making sure the group stay active and helping Leadership Team on the group management.

High Ranks
The High Ranks are the people are able to host sessions and training. At the beginning, they must be trained by our staffing department which will ensure the capacity of the High Ranks. High Ranks are the pesons who earned enough permissions to server ban users, and to moderate the Deli. The job of the HR’s is to moderate Bloxway Server as much as possible to ensure the safety of the customers/visitors.

Management Rank
The MR’s are considered like a Helper of the HR’s and SHR’s. With their moderator permissions in the Deli, they ensure the security of the server and the moderation of the server. They have the lowest admin permissions.

Low Ranks
Low ranks are the first staff rank at Bloxway. Their job is to serve the customers. The goal of a LR is to make sure all customers and visitors has the best experience at the Deli. The LR’s are allowed to join training sessions to earn higher ranks here at Bloxway.

Rank Cooldowns
Here at Bloxway, we have a promotion cooldown to ensure the staff is not getting promoted too fast. So here is the cooldown.

  • SHR: No cooldown (Can be promoted by their Department Director and LT’s)
  • HR: 3 weeks
  • MR: 1 week
  • LR: 2-3 days (Trainings bypasses the cooldown)


In conclusion, thank you for reading the public handbook. If you have any questions and statements to do, make sure to contact us by joining the group!

Best Regards,
Bloxway Chairperson