BYM - Credits from the Developer

In the last couple years since Build Your Own Mech’s (BYM) foundation (January 2014), BYM has come an unbelievably long way. Along the journey of development, there have been innumerable contributions of all kinds - from ideas and suggestions to staffing and development assists - which have brought BYM to its current advanced state in the building game market of today. Throughout this process, I’ve encountered easily thousands of players with varying talents from being graphically gifted to mechanically inclined, many of whom I have seen become more competent and skilled than most of ROBLOX’s player-base.

It is of my great pleasure to credit some of these amazing minds who made this all possible for the BYM community to stand as strongly as it does. There are many I would like to credit such as the Staff and many committed players, but those who I am mentioning here are unique people who made the most impact towards the motives for BYM’s upbringing.

FluffyButEvil/SpicyCat (BYM Admin, Collaborator, Motivator) - He was a major support in the foundation of BYM and has been loyal to the community since. He continues to collaborate with the management and me.

Aesura (Former BYM Admin, Graphics Designer) - Creator of much of BYM’s art including over a year and a half of making thumbnails and maker of all the major update posters and other artwork.

romega (BYM Admin, Judge, Scripter, Staff manager, Collaborator) - A talented builder who manages the staff and community, judges creations for ranks, and collaborates on community and game decisions. He has helped majorly with making F3x integrated building tools, building many starter kits, and is continuing to help on the developer front in similar ways.

SpiderTamer (BYM Admin, Judge, Amazing Tester, Collaborator, Scripter) - In addition to collaborating, judging, and working for the community, Spider is especially valuable for his remarkable knack at solving. He has helped me avoid multiple accidents, solved multiple complex scripting situations and has helped make improvements to BYM content and continues to do so.

lolsonic1234/Suggyiem (BYM Admin, BYM Mech Fixing Center Owner, Staff Manager, Collaborator) - He is especially invaluable for his extensive management in BYM communities. He manages Helpers in his own group (BYM Mech Fixing Center) and hires Helpers and Film Makers for BYM Fan Club. Sonic continues actively serving a major part of the community and collaborates on community and development decisions. He also has made Starter Kits.

flavouer (BYM Admin, Former judge, Collaborator, Builder) - Flavouer has helped fight against exploiters, judge creations, and collaborate on development/community decisions. Some of the major things Flavouer has done is create additional map content (docks, race tracks, ramp island), make the eternity update trailer, and build some Starter Kits.

Mertna (BYM Admin, Graphics Designer, Collaborator) - Mertna has been invaluable for making art for BYM and removing exploiters from servers. Mertna has also helped make Starter Kits and continues to be a game player who keeps the field clean.

MrKingLordOdin (BYM Admin, Film Maker, Thumbnail Maker) - For the last couple years MrKingLordOdin has always been a good-hearted community member. He started up as a Helper and worked up to Moderator, helping the community in several ways. Along the way, he made multiple official BYM Trailer and has created many thumbnails.

Zenuvius/IlIlIlIlIlIH3 (BYM Admin, Contributor) - Zen has mainly moved on by this point, but he has been a great contributor for BYM. First giving me the winning thumbnail in 2014 which attracted enough players to get BYM on the front page, and always keeping BYM’s reputation clean. From then, he was a respected community member who kept BYM clean of exploiters and helped with ideas on development.

StaySpy (Creator of BYC) - He created Build Your Cybersuit, which became my main motive to create a better game after experiencing issues that were never to be fixed even to this day. However, it must be recognized that if it wasn’t for BYC, there wouldn’t have been a BYM.

Aside from these main contributors, I would also like to thank all those who have contributed in the past, present and future, whether it be working as a staff or giving ideas. Their impact has also been great, and should not go without saying.

I hope this post has given some insight to you readers about what has gone into this game and community, and given you a better understanding of what it takes to keep it alive and well. Our past has only been successful because of the contributions and commitments of many players who have helped keep BYM in order and developing into something greater. With that, I am confident that as I must begin to change focus towards life events, that you all will continue to enjoy BYM and uphold the community. However, even in these times of change, I am still committed to making improvements/fixes to BYM as necessary. I believe BYM can only get better on this path, excelling in its goals.

Thanks for reading - now build on!

BYM Developer

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