BYM - Helper Position and Application Template

Build Your Own Mech (BYM) Fan Club posting for the Helper staff position.


Helpers are valuable for feedback in the exclusive communities and are able to work closer with sharky99 and management than others to help make the community better. These members, when hired, are given their rank, given a letter of acceptance including detailed information, are supposed to join the BYM Staff group, and are added to a staff database on trello. Helpers are required to send proof to an admin at least once every specified proof period (usually 2 weeks.) Information is all recorded on the database.


  • Flying outside
  • Teleport to player command
  • Free VIP benefits
  • Helper Title and entrance message
  • Exclusive conversation and other opportunities


To become a Helper, you must at least…

• Have good building skills and knowledge of how to fix creations.

• Be an active member in the BYM Fan Club.

• Agree and understand the rules, expectations, and potential consequences for Staff, which can be read here.


  • THIS IS THE ONE AND ONLY TEMPLATE you should use to apply to this position.

  • Copy and paste the questions, then answer each one with full honesty in the blanks. When completed, send the final application to the employer (check sharky99’s profile to see he has listed to send the application to) with a title of EXACTLY “Helper Application Form”. The employer may not answer you unless they have questions for you or accept your application.

  • Any application that contains untruthful answers will be rejected. Don’t stretch the truth.

  • SEND THIS ONLY ONCE. If you are rejected, wait another 30 DAYS before re-sending. (If you really want this position, consider writing more elaborately, getting good recommendations and helping out in other branches in the community. If you really want this rank, you should be able to get it if you work at it.)

Application Form

1. What is your current Level, Rank, and Title in BYM?

2. How many months and/or years have you been playing BYM approximately?

3. About how many days and hours a week do you play BYM?

4. What are your building specialties? Mechs, cars, boats, planes, and/or spaceships? Any others?

5. Do you have any roblox group experience in staff/management outside the BYM Fan Club? If so, list your position, how long you’ve been a part of that community, and the name of the organization.

6. Have you ever had a problem with staff and/or management in the BYM Community? (Examples: Demotion, Rank of Shame, temp ban etc.) If so, please list what happened.

7. What are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to building and working with others?

8. Have you helped fix other player’s creations before? If so, what kind of things have you fixed?

9. If a mech does not turn, what would you do? Explain in detail.

10. Why do you want this position and what makes you think you will be good for the job?

11. Will you have the time to commit to helping others at least a few times a week?

12. Do you have any references in the BYM Fan Club or any other community you’ve worked for? (If so, we may contact them.)

13. Do you fully understand and agree to the posted helpers rules and terms?

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