Byrón || Rules & Regulations

This document is used for you that wants to know the rules at Byrón. When you are in the restaurant you are required to follow these rules, in order for the restaurant to function correctly.

(1) DO NOT abuse the ordering stations by putting random usernames, to get points. If you are caught, this will lead into a instant demotion to “Customer”

(2) DO NOT join the restaurant just to troll and disturb, or to exploit or to break rules. This will lead to a kick or as far as a ban, if you don’t follow the rules.

(3) ALWAYS utilize grammar at the restaurant if you are working in a worker position, this applies from the rank “Awaiting Training” all the other ranks above. If you don’t utilize grammar, and a HR sees it, it will lead to a warning and if you don’t listen, it will lead into a demotion. This rule does NOT apply to customers.

(4) ALWAYS make sure to keep a good enviorment, and don’t be mean around customers, and they shouldn’t be mean towards the workers aswell as it can lead to a kick or a ban. Been mean and rude towards customers can lead to a demote.

(5) ALWAYS be sure to have fun at Byrón.

(6) If you are working at Byrón you always need to be active and gain points by working. Byrón utilizes a system called “Hyra” where we have activity tracking etc.

(7) DO NOT wear any LR, MR or HR customes. Seeing you wear any of these customes when you aren’t in any of these positions will lead into a instant kick if you won’t take it off, and if you come back and you haven’t improved it will lead into a ban. This also includes “copies” of our clothing just published somewhere else.

(8) DO NOT claim other workers orders on the ordering board for the chefs. If we see any reports with evidence of you doing this, it will lead into a instant demote. We do not aceept this kind of behavior.

(9) You are required to wait in the que to claim orders in the kitchen. Abusing this or not doing so will lead into a instant demote.

(10) Showing respect towards each other is very important and not doing so can lead into consequences.

(11) Always be sure to follow ROBLOX’s TOS and guidelines. If these aren’t followed, you can risk getting kicked/banned from both our restaurant and from ROBLOX.

(12) No online dating, or roleplay that does against the TOS of ROBLOX.

(13) Never utilize any swear words or bypassers. Doing so will get you banned immidiately.

(14) Point cheating is strictly forbidden. It can be ordering for yourself for points, utilizing exploits or glitches in any form to gain points or other stuff. This will get you a demotion immidiately.

Remember that rules are added pretty often here, so make sure to read this once a month to make sure you’re not breaking any rules.

If you have any problems, please contact a Management Team+.