Byrón | Training Rules & Regulations

This document is the rules & regulations durning the training sessions for LRs and MRs at Byrón

Our first rule is whilst working at Byrón we expect you to maintain the highest standards that we expect of all our staff. These include correct English grammar at all times, maturity and teamwork as well as respect.

Our second rule for this session is that you use grammar at the restaurant as well to ensure professionalism, and that you are mature throughout your employment at Byrón. If you have any questions during this training please say “PTS” or “Permission to Speak” so an MR+ can come and assist you.

Our third rule if that if you for whatever reason need to go AFK, please contact your trainer to tell them how long you will be gone and a reason why. The maximum time you can be gone is 5 minutes. Going AFK without notification will result in removal.

Our last rule is that you have fun, and that you enjoy yourself here and at everywhere at Byrón. We would also like to thank all of the MR’s and HR’s who are assisting at this session because without them this would not be possible.

If you disconnect at any point throughout this session you will need to reach out to either the host or your trainer within 10 minutes of your disconnecting so they can unlock the server for you. Past 10 minutes we will not do this as you would have missed too much.

If you have any problems, please contact a Management Team+.