Byrón | Worker Promotions

This document is pointed towards working at Byrón as a cashier or chef. It will represent what points you need in order to get promoted.

Cashier > Experienced Cashier, Points Required = 400.
Experienced Cashier > Chef, Points Required = 400 + Training.
Chef > Experienced Chef, Points Required = 800.
Experienced Chef > Senior Staff, Points Required = 800 + Training.

Future promotions normally happens through training, been active, supporting the group, showing experiences etc.

If you have any of the points required for a promotion, just feel free to chat with a HR in-game and they will make sure to promote you, or contact a MR that later contacts a HR to promote you.

Remember that Byrón have random days where you will be rewarded double the points, and these requirements will change the more active the group gets.

If you have any problems, please contact a Management Team+.