[C] CCTV System (Includes Helmet Camera/Body Camera/Gun Camera/ Etc)

Hey guys! Here’s yet another bit of my tech that I’ve been working on. This is still under development, but I believe that it has reached a decent milestone to where I can release it to the public!

This here is my CCTV Camera System. I’ve spent some time on it making sure it works as intended and it does. It has a bunch of potential and below I’m going to show you guys some footage of what it is capable of and more. Hopefully this helps you out with your groups and games!

How It Works
Essentially, this CCTV system is designed to be accessed by any number of people. For this to work, there must be a part called CamPart within the designated folder, and inside the CamPart must be the Config module you will find in the default cameras. Once you do so, you can create as many access seats as you like and when you sit in these sits, it will allow you to choose the camera you want to access. It works by setting your camera’s cframe to the campart which then allows you to manipulate it with your WASD keys. Many great uses!


Helmet Camera Showcase: Cam System
CCTV Camera Showcase: https://gyazo.com/a6d368a1be1f69c3783e64a56e0105c6


NOTES: After this post, I will be making a thread specifically for releasing my tech without having to create a new topic every single time. Glad you guys enjoy what I release!

Weapon System Used: https://www.roblox.com/library/4573784349/CE-Carbon-Plugin


Bro that is truly awesome dang


Thanks man :smiley: It’s taken me a while to debug and perfect what I got so far, so now I’m actually able to release it without the fear of a bunch of bugs.


Looks very nice and realistic! I definitely like the realism of the CCTV view, very excellent!


epic. just epic.

Are you going to be releasing this model/system or is it going to be for your personal use.

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Looks great! I’m sure this’ll be widely used in roleplay-based groups.

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It’s already released my friend. I updated the post with the link to it.

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I would like to add a suggestion, instead of tapping WASD to move the camera, can it be so that you can hold it instead. Also on mobile you can’t move the camera.

I know im late to this party, but solid system, this would be perfect for a security desk for roleplay, tycoons, law games, you name it

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I can add that! Thanks for the suggestion.


Wow, this will probably be handy to use one day, thanks for making this! May I know how you made this?

maybe also add a visual representation for the max angles on the axis so you dont have to play test over and over.

yo man, make a part screen that displays the camera footage too

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The CCTV is very well made, but u could add that the part that is the camera could move to where ur looking at, it could show that ur being watched.

how do i make the helmet camera?