C4D Material Help

Hi. I’ve done some looking but can’t find anything on how to make a material like this crack/lighting thing in Cinema 4D

GFX Credits goes to @Aocule


I think it’s a photoshop thing, not a C4D thing.

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I feel like you could just add a noise effect and bring up the global scale and match the high clip and low clip, but that didn’t seem to work. He said he did it in Blender, not photoshop. Maybe it is though

Looks alot more like blender then Cinema4D however, this is how you’d do it in blender :man_shrugging:, it looks alot similar to this shader:

Essentially, just nodes slapped together to create the material to form on the player.

Yeah that’s the effect I want to reproduce in C4D. I’ll see if I can replicate it, however I’ve never messed with C4D nodes.

You can try looking at the nodes in blender and seeing if you can replicate it, heres the download from the vid:

If I’m not mistaken, blender has similar nodes to cinema4d :man_shrugging:. Kinda?

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Yeah Blender has a more plastic texture when it comes to Roblox characters and has a strange way of lighting. Maybe if you could add the material along with the clothing material it could work. There’s a website called C4D Library that could have some materials, so you could check it out.

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Not all the time, it just depends on how somebody changes the materials on the character, they usually seem plasticy because people leave them on default and smack on a render with a denoise or something and call it a day. :man_shrugging:


This bloom is likely external. I don’t use C4D, but a blender method that might work similar would be to render the lightning seperately (if you added it into the scene) as a seperate pass and then just apply some bloom or glare to the lightning pass. But if it’s for GFX, it’s much easier to do it externally in Photoshop and be a Photoshop artist instead of a 3D artist.

Theres a bloom/glare node you can add which causes the bloom/glare effect to occur in compositing.

Plastic? Clearly you never learned how to use blender :joy:. You can basically achieve the same results in Blender with C4D. It just comes down to general knowledge on 3D Programs.


If you apply it to a full render, it will affect the entire render. If you render a seperate pass for the lightning, it will only target the lightning. You want bloomy lightning, not a whole blown out frame/render.

If I’m not mistaken, it only does it on certain parts/materials like emissions? It shouldn’t be doing it on all parts.


(I dont take credit, this is just an example)

Plus, its altered on composition meaning it wont effect the image directly, you can always remove the node if you wanted to.

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It affects the entire render. Having more control over the amount of bloom you want on a specific area is much less destructive. But then again, it would also be much easier to go with a photoshop artist method. This is generally more useful if you’re rendering an animation, where you can’t just draw on the same glare.

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For things like this I use Adobe after effects. But I don’t know how you can make this in cinema 4d.

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