Cabin Showcase Build

Just so you know, I am working on the scenery and plants and such, so please just comment on the cabin and how its interior looks. If you can, please play the game (play with volume too), but here is some pictures if you can’t:

And here is the game link: (7) Cabin - Roblox

Thanks in advance.


idk anything about building or whatever but looks very cool
not sure if having ur lightbulb hang is a good idea xd :boom:

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I fixed the issues with the lightbulb lol, thanks for the feedback.

I love your building style! I wish I could build like you. :shock:

The only thing that is bugging me is the rope connecting the chair to the ceiling. I would add a little hook the rope can be on.

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Oh that true, I really didn’t think about that. Thanks for pointing it out, and you don’t need my building style, you build better than me lol.

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its so sexy and so freakin neat i freakin love it so much

ahaha, Thank you so much, these kind of comments make my day.

dude of course your stuff is simple

but yet very detailed at the same time

Its like a skittle; its so small but like once you bite into that bad boy; its a world of taste


Improvements made!

Obviously, the kitchen still needs work, I don’t like how undetailed the fridge is, but it is late so it’s a placeholder for now.

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dude i cant even come to explain how just good this looks its a nice comfy little thing i LOVE IT


I love the style! I can’t build cabin exteriors that well yet. Keep up the good work!

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Update on the interior and door.


Thank you guys!


I changed the lighting so it looks way more cosy, and the fireplace or whatever is lighting it up.

yoo dude your absolutely talented bruhhhh stop MAKING THESE SOOO GOOD


haha thank you again! Really warms my heart to get such positive feedback on my build, so motivating!

Made this happen when you hover over the Bloxy Colas, honestly I don’t really know what font to use or if it really fits at all.

Woaaaahh!!! That is awesome! The Bloxy Cola is a mood lol

Lol, thank you for your feedback!

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The exterior of the build now is this:

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Fireplace/Stove in more detail, and is the chimney too tall? Should I make it shorter?

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