CactusKev's Renowned Poker Hand Ranker for 5 & 7 card hands

CactusKev’s Poker Hand Ranker for Roblox

The Problem:

Poker hand evaluation is deceptively complex. With 52 cards, the number of potential 5-card combinations is 2,598,960! For 7-card evaluations (like Texas Hold’em), the task becomes even more daunting. Accurate, efficient, and bug-free hand evaluation is crucial for fair gameplay when it comes to Poker.

Reinventing the wheel here is both time-consuming and error-prone. Many algorithms available are either too slow, memory-intensive, or simply not designed with Roblox in mind.

The Solution: CactusKev’s Poker Hand Ranker

CactusKev’s Poker hand ranking algorithm is renowned for its efficiency and accuracy. Now, I’ve implemented it in a simple, easy to use Roblox ModuleScript for anybody to use.

Use Cases:

Poker Games: At the heart of any Poker game lies the requirement to accurately evaluate and rank hands. For developers aiming to create a Poker game on Roblox, this module is not just beneficial—it’s indispensable. With this module, the daunting technical barrier of hand evaluation is overcome.

Given the recent amendments to the Gambling Terms of Service on Roblox, there’s a unique window of opportunity to innovate and introduce Texas Hold’em and other Poker variants. I’ve implemented this algorithm specifically for Roblox so that developers can create immersive and fair Poker experiences for the community. Ultimately, I hope that more people will come to love Poker as I have — as a game of incredible strategic depth and psychological nuance.

Why Use This Module?

  • Optimized for Roblox: Designed keeping in mind the specific requirements and constraints of Roblox.
  • Can Handle Both 5 & 7 Card Evaluations
  • Proven Algorithm: CactusKev’s algorithm has stood the test of time for its speed and reliability.
  • Easy Integration: A simple require and you’re good to go! No cumbersome setups.

Quick Start:

  1. Acquire the Module
  2. Example Usage:
local HandEvaluator = require(path_to_module)

-- Define your hand
local hand = {
    {rank = "A", suit = "S"},
    {rank = "K", suit = "S"},
    {rank = "Q", suit = "S"},
    {rank = "J", suit = "S"},
    {rank = "T", suit = "S"}
    -- Add two more cards if you want to evaluate the best 5 of a 7-card hand

-- Evaluate
local rank, handName = HandEvaluator(hand)
print("Hand Rank:", rank, "Hand Type:", handName)

Test output:

  Hand Rank: 1 Hand Type: Royal Flush

Wrapping Up

I hope this can be of use to some people! If you have any feedback or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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