Cadentopia Portfolio if its ever needed

my portfolio / showcase of what I do on the ROBLOX platform

i don’t know if this will be taken down because of what it is, but might as well make one if anyone asks me for it ( making one here specifically because I can just link this page to whoever asks for it ). I rarely type professionally like this, because I mostly do everything straight-forward.


i am from peru, living in the U.S, entonces hablo espanol ( pero no tengo teclada de espanol )
i mainly script on RBX.LUA / LUA and JS, but a lot of people have said that my UI work is also pretty great.
first started development in 2017


Individual Works ( made by mostly or just me )

FE Melee Kit ( 2019 )

also have a closed project that I’m working on. updating this when the game is in beta versions.

Collaborative Works ( significant enough contributions )

Zeppelin Wars [ALPHA 0.69G] - Roblox ( various stuff throughout the game, most notably the UI, weather/mutiny systems, various weapons, ect )

also collaborated with some creators that used the FE Melee Kit in their games

Examples of Works

i’ll figure out how i’ll show my scripts, asides from youtube videos of demonstrations

idk how to properly show my UI work either but whatever. screenshots taken from projects I’m currently participating in:



probably not. I just want to show my best to people that ask for it.

if you need to contact me, Cadentopia#8729 or ROBLOX PMs.