Café Build Showcase

Hey!, This is a build I did a few Months Ago!
I hope you enjoy!
I am not a scripter. I was originally planning to do some scripting.
I hope you like It!
Game Link:


Regular Graphics:

High Graphics:

Time For Me To Change My Avatar, Because, I Wont Fit!!


Thank You!!! ! :slight_smile: !


Good? Maybe, Idk, tell me!!! THANK YOU!!!

It’s really good and I see a lot of potential that comes with it! I would say to add music because this looks like something I can just relax and have a coffee with a few sweet and take involuntary naps! This is a true masterpiece at it’s finest! Besides…

I look good in these graphics!


wanna know a secret? join me hehehehe

its nothing bad! its funny thoough!

Go threw, the window at the top of the CAFE!!!

HOVER CARS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I have got to ride on one of these!!!

ik it said comeing sooon but welp!

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Great job on the cafe you made. It looks really amazing.

The only suggestion that I can give you is you should also focus on the “outside” of the cafe area

By that I mean by, adding details here

Try adding trees, flowers, in that area. You could use the Roblox Forest Pack to help you.

Overall, keep it up.

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Amazing job, haven’t checked out the game yet, will do once I get back home.

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