Cafe Blossom Barista Training Guide

Please note I do not own this group, I am just writing their guides

Cafe blossom Barista Guide.

  • Trainers must be rank(s) [7] Management or above.

  • This guide will be used to train for barista.

Trainer Opening

TRAINER - Hello, and welcome to this part of the training! My name is (name), and I will be your trainer today. Before we begin do you have any questions or concerns?

TRAINER- Please state your greetings once I get to you.

If there’s some fault, keep it in mind, it will be helpful when deciding if they pass or not.


TRAINER - If you go inactive, you could potentially get demoted.

TRAINER - To prevent this from happening when unavoidable delays occur, such as family emergencies and exams, you need to make an inactivity notice.

TRAINER - This can be done by posting a notice on our communications server, messaging a President+ on Roblox, or making a post on the group wall.

TRAINER - Please keep in mind that your inactivity notice may be denied for being ridiculously long, not a good enough reason, or if you submitted too many inactivity notices in your time with us.

Admin Abuse

TRAINER - We will now discuss about admin abuse.

TRAINER- If you don’t know what admin abuse is , it’s like using these types of command ; :fly me, :explode all , :kill all.

TRAINER- You can report them on our dizzy server, by using the formats needed.

TRAINER- If there are any MR + in the server , Please be sure to tell them what’s happening.

TRAINER- If there is nobody in the server to help you, this is what you’ll have to do.


TRAINER- Let’s move on , my helper will act as a guest, and you will act as a staff.

TRAINER- You will need to state your greetings and serve the “guests”.

TRAINER- Let’s begin , helper may go start.


TRAINER- My helpers will be trolling , you will need to give warnings. (exemple : WI | (User) | Rude)

TRAINER- You will still need to state your greetings.

TRAINER- 3 warnings are the limit and call an MR+ to kick the troller.

TRAINER- If there’s no MR+ , you can try to get someone to kick in the dizzy server or on the group wall.

TRAINER- Remember the exploiters don’t get warnings!

TRAINER- Helpers, you may begin!

Towards the end

TRAINER- Please wait, the helper will discuss with me if you failed or passed.

If failed, use :kick (username) Sorry, you have failed this training session, don’t feel discouraged, there’s many more to come! Good luck. If passed, say Congrats, you have passed this training session, call an overseer and tell him/her they passed, after being ranked you may kick (username).