Cafe build, any feedback/suggestions?


I’ve built a café for a commissioner, who unfortunately backed out. Any suggestions/things I should change?


Thanks for your time!

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LOL, I’ll definitely take that into consideration!

The overall structure of the building the design and layout is good I think this build has some potential, asking for prices aren’t allowed consider removing that so others are aware I feel like the material and color scheme is pretty plain looking I wouldn’t make the whole entire building one color perhaps experimenting into adding materials as well you could consider.

I’d also recommend that you should add some seating on the outside of the cafe as it looks really plain. I believe that you should also place a few potted plants or flowers the material and color you’ve chosen looks alright. Please do add another floor texture or material on the second floor the glass doesn’t look to appealing.

The building roof area seems very plain looking. I would definitely add some more drastic objects. An AC unit or vents on top and some wall pipes in the interior or exterior walls like what you normally see in a couple of cafes something like that could help that or something to give the roof a better feel might help with the aesthetic it’s a decent build.

Thank you for your feedback! I’ll definitely take your tips into consideration!

Honestly, the cafe design is very unique and quite a relaxing one.

Just by seeing this, give’s me a more relaxing and a more comfortable vibe. The couch designs are fine as ever, modern style. Glass chairs are pretty modern too and matching with the cafe design.
Kitchen area is great, as well as the cashier model.

But overall, it’s pretty amazing. But I have few suggestions, you don’t have to take them if you think there bad, your choice. But anyways, here are the few suggestions.

  1. I feel like the cafe is lacking of decoration. I mean, sure it’s modern style and all but. Why not add few more decoration? Like add a few picture frames, tree pot, carpet, you know what I mean.

  2. For screenshot 4, I feel like the glass floor is going down bit too low. Like when you jump, your head will hit the glass floor. If this was realistic, the glass may break due to stress, Yikes! But I am not sure though, maybe it’s just the photo angle. Not sure. But can you provide a game for this so that I can walk around?

  3. How about adding support beams and maybe structors that might help the build stay up strong. I mean sure, anchor is a thing. But to make it a bit more safer, why not add something to support the ceiling? That would not only would help the ceiling, but that would enchant your cafe design layout more modern.

That’s it really. But overall, it’s perfect! I think you should keep doing these stuffs a lot more so that you can be a better builder. Good job yet again! :smile:

Thank you so much! I’ll definitely try to implement you tips. Here’s a link to the game: Breve Cafe - Roblox

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Would suggest to uses wedges and plugins to make this less blocky, improvise the ceiling, otherwise this build is great.

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Pretty good so far, looks amazing as always.

I like how you made the logo stand out also!

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