Cafe Build | Constructive Criticism

Hello! I just made a café build!! Please tell me what you think. I will link some pictures below!


That floor makes me clench my phone. Is sunlight the only light that exists? Normal lights could be good to have at night time. Table spacing is rather questionable I’d say.

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Its a good base! its clear that it is a cafe, as most cafes are in this ‘style’!, Make sure to add your own touches rather than basing it of others designs.

How to improve:

  • Decor
    Try adding some pictures, more furniture, even some statues that shows the builder(s)! I think what the inside is lacking is furniture mainly, you could look at cafes, roblox or real life, and see the other types of furniture they have, this could be sofas, beanbags, bar stools etc.

  • Textures
    If you aren’t familiar with textures, they are pretty much the same things as materials but not ‘made’ by roblox. There are loads of textures already in the toolbox, or you could make your own! Textures are often used for floors, this could be carpet, wood panels and so on! Textures help bring a more personal touch and can often liven the build!

  • Landscape
    From what I can tell you are going for a ‘low-poly style’, right now, it looks naked and like its been striped back. I find, going to different games that I like and seeing what they have done to make the land fuller. You can then take the little things from each one and re-create or make another model that you prefer! It might help if you take screenshots of the things you like to help guide you when re-building!

  • Lights
    The ceiling looks bald, the main way to overcome this is by adding lights. They don’t have the be working/functional lights, they can just be there for decoration and you could have another transparent set of lights!

Hope this helps! Good look, I would really like to see the end product :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I can tell it’s a cafe, but there should be lights on the top, as most cafes in real life and Roblox have them. There’s alot of empty space that can be used, the exterior is good, interior ehh.

Nice build,Try to add more tables.

Idk what I should say - This may need some improvements. Make it cozier, and add neon lightings. Bring the ceiling down as well, and improve the flooring and the windows.

Hi! Remember, these are just my suggestions, don’t get offended! I don’t, by any means, want to hurt anyone’s feelings here on DevForum.

The Cons: It’s a little bit too open. It’s the atmosphere I’m getting from this café. Try to not have as much windows. Plus, oh my Gosh, the floor. It’s blinding me. Please change it to maybe a brownish color.

Color Linen (a brownish color that I was talking about. It’s available for you in Roblox Studio, I’m pretty sure.): linen color - Bing images

Another thing that is very important; the interior. It’s very empty with just a bunch of tables everywhere. I suggest adding some plants around. Now, if you paid attention to what I said before, you’d know that I told you that there are too many windows. It’s what makes this building so bright. You should get rid of not all, yet some of the windows. Now, with that said even before, the café will not be so bright. Now, this is the part that I’d like from you. Adding ANY SORT OF LIGHT would be nice. Could be neon lights, and could be normal lights, like, example, roof lights. The next thing is the roof inside the café. I’m pretty sure that it isn’t colored. Also, I see no cash registers anywhere. How come? And the saddest part; No bathrooms! AAAA!! Now, I’ll tell you from my experience, that, bigger builds are usually not as good as small builds. It’s not just your build that has this issue. It’s millions. It’s too spacious. But, it’s never good to have cluttered builds either. Again, this is just spacious. So, if you want, you can make this café smaller, or you can make your next one smaller. Those were all the cons.

The pros: I really like the idea of the café being in the middle of nowhere, on an island with the sea around it. I find it really unique and interesting, as I have never seen anything like this before. I really like it. Now, let’s talk about the café itself and not surroundings. The café seems functional. It has pretty much everything a café needs to operate. It’s got all these machines and cups and everything. (Except the cash register. Where is that? Along with the toilet. But, I mean, you got the sea, right? I’m just kidding.) I like the chairs and the glass tables, also.

That’s all! Hope to see you improve in your building! Maybe you just might be a popular game developer with your builds. Best of luck!