Cafe Building Feedback Wanted

Hey, I’m new to development on Roblox Studio, and I really want to succeed further, here’s a cafe build I re-created from a 3D rendering, I didn’t copy it exactly point to point though, I’d love some feedback on this build.

Here’s what I used to copy:


Here’s the actual exterior of the cafe:

Here’s the inside of the cafe:

Game Link:

Any feedback is appreciated, I’m trying to get better at developing, as I just love doing it, but I just need to improve significantly.


I think the interior could do with some more material/color variation. The all-white looks very sterile and not terribly inviting. Try adding some posters/decals (like the reference has) to make it more appealing.


I love the overall build, and I think you did a great job replicating it! But I have to agree with @Caladudes that the back lacks color. I would probably add brown back there and it will be ok! But again, this build is well made! Nice work!


Hey, what do you mean by the back, are you talking about the inside of the cafe…or?

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I’m talking about the work station inside of the cafe. Sorry for not clarifying that.

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The floor on the inside seems a bit empty, so maybe you could decorate that.

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I’ve tried to re-texture it with all kinds of materials, but it didn’t look any better, thanks for the feedback though.

What do you think about this?

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Yeah, this looks far better and more decorated! I think this is good to go! :smiley:


Not much to decorate in a tight space.

I think that you should place misc decor around like lamps and plants to make the cafe feel more homelike.


I really like the outcome of this cafe, however there are some things I would work on to get its full potential. Try adding more detail with lighting and wall decor, the cafe will look very bland otherwise, so spice it up a little bit with some creative and decorative lighting and wall decor to spice the place up a little bit. As for the exterior, I would use more of a warm orange (somewhat brown) to make it feel like more of a cozy cafe. Other than that just add some more decor! I really do love the design of this cafe and it has lots of potential.

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Needs work. Try to aim for something like this that I created:


Hey, @Adaaks .
I have seen that place on Google for reference photos.
Myself taking some inspiration from that picture. :sweat_smile:
However, for a first build it is a great step in the right direction! I hate to be a hard critic, but I see some FMs, or free models.
I used to use free models all the time not knowing it kind of show’s laziness due to taking someone else’s work. I worked my way out of it over a period of time. I am not saying you should, but it boosts your reputation and overall “accomplishment-feeling” when you are done. However, overall it’s a wonderful build as said before and cant wait to see more work from you.
Keep doing what you are doing and have a wonderful day.