Cafe feedback please

Hello! I have recently made a cafe, and below I will put the pictures. Please tell me what I am missing and what I can do to make it better. I mean, It does look nice since I put a lot of detail in i. The problem I have is what I should add inside.

Anything will help!! :smile:


I love this cafe. It has a very comfy feel. If you haven’t already add a reception desk. Also the road is a little simple next to the cafe


Very good cafe, I like the effort that was put into it. You can always add stuff as you go along.


Ah so you are telling me to be able to push the road farther correct?


Yeah, maybe with like a footpath

This is a cool cafe! Would love too see it when it is finished. I think that this is probably one of the best cafe’s out there.

Thank you. I am almost done with the cafe. my joins are always on no matter if I am not your friend on Roblox. It will be out soon. Hope to see y’all there when I release it.

Hey, this looks really nice and you can tell that it has lots of effort put into it, really nice build! Here are some suggestions I have:

  • Add a path on the outside that leads to the door, and maybe change the colour of the door. You could place the big column seen on picture 2 a little bit more to the left, so the entrance is seen better.

  • Add the logo or the name of the cafe on top of the building or somewhere on the outside.

  • Change the floor from the outside, so people can differentiate between what’s part of the parking and what is part of the building itself.

These are all my suggestions, but overall you did a really great job and you really got a lot of talent for building! Hope to see more of this!


Thanks man. Ill make sure I take this into account.


I love the cafe itself.

I think that the outside could be changed and added to. For example, there is no pathway leading up to the exits and entrances of the cafe. Additionally, there are no recreational activities to keep guests engaged, which is a key thing for roleplay games.

Other than that, keep up the good work!


I would recommend adding an elevated layer of concrete between the building and the pavement. This would create a curb surrounding the building so you can clearly see where the parking lot meets the path surrounding the building.

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