Cafe Hero MR and HR Guide

Guide for Cafe Hero MR and HR.

LR - Ranks 3 through 7

MR - Ranks 8 through 11

HR - Ranks 12 through 15

SHR - Ranks 16 through 20

Howdy everyone! Welcome to Cafe Hero. This is a quick guide for the current MR/HR and for the new ones that will come. As an MR/HR you are the admins of the group. This means that if someone is acting up it is your job to do something about it.

We have been changing a few things up around here. With this comes regulations with admin. This means that there will be certain commands removed to ensure the safety of our customers.

As an HR:

As an HR you are able to host training/interviews, you are also given the ability to ban. If a member is requesting an HR in their sever you must get there as fast as you can, or in other words ASAP. As HR you kick a user if they have 3 warnings. If they continue to join, you ban them.

As an MR:

As an MR you are still able to host training/interviews but, it’s a little different. These would be considered MR Hosted. The difference from the regular sessions is that you would need a full staff team (About 6 staff members). You will also need an HR ranker in your session. Your duties are similar to HR but, you cannot kick or ban. Instead you monitor the cafe, training center, etc. You are also able to call a HR staff member to take care of troller, exploiters, etc…

Thank you for taking the time and reading this, this will ensure the safety of our members.