Cage Mesh Deformer - Studio Beta

R6 avatars dont get to waer layered clothing


Someone with a brain. Finally.


You’re forgetting the important key factor here, Roblox is made to be easily accessible and make children able to create their own games.
That, plus the fact it’s supposed to support all type of games, it’s not as easy as just making something for one game, it’s an entire engine used by a whole community.

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Had you not seen this? This gives you a good perspective on why you’re wrong.

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Whenever I enable this feature my custom avatar system becomes this horrifying mess of triangles :frowning:

Any idea on how I can fix it? I’d love to use this to further aid in-game customization, but I hope to god we fix this particular side effect before it graduates beta, otherwise I will have legit lost 7 months / 800 hours of work :sweat_smile:

EDIT: So it looks like the update took the C0 and C1 of the meshpart welds into account, whereas previously they were largely ignored. I think I can get things working under these constraints, but if anyone else is having a similar problem hopefully this saves you some time :+1:


I managed to get layered clothing to work on my avatar tonight which is pretty neat!

However I’ve observed a really unfortunate side effect to the way my Character Realism system interacts with layered clothing. I’m worried my system might be screwed if there’s no possible workaround, since I reckon this is done for optimization purposes.

The system works by patching Motor6D.C0 on the fly, using the character’s rig attachments as an origin point. These Motor6D patches unfortunately don’t seem to be permeating into the system, and even make it fail to bind on occasion.

I would hate to have to ditch this system just to have layered clothing in our game. If there’s anything that can be done about it, I would greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:!

Here is a repro place:
RealismFault.rbxl (107.0 KB)


I would love to see Roblox fix this for Realism, something about moving your camera and the layered clothing attaching properly just makes me go yes!


that is unironically scary, no sleeping tonight

This looks really interesting! I’m going to try to try using this for fun and see what limits the deformer has!

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I think we need a plugin for this, we could customize the thickness, and put it on our avatars n stuff easily. From what I read, it looks pretty difficult and time taking to make 3D clothes.


I can´t activate it, it will not be saved, and when you open the roblox studio it deactivates, which can be about it.


would this work on a classic blocky avatar?


What will happen to the 2D clothing of the R6…
Looks a cool feature for realistic games but…What with R6???

Compatible with R15 Only + rthro maybe
Probably texture based
I think so
probably, yes
3D clothes overlaps T-shirt
Robux and for roblox probably 1 free
No unless you can script it or something like that.


I have been waiting for this update since it was announced! the is going to be the best Roblox update ever

These features are amazing, thank you Roblox for doing this!

Anyways, I tried doing this, everything worked except one thing… When I use the plugin and do what is told, the mesh becomes very long and doesn’t look like it did it’s job AT ALL.

As you can see, the mesh is stretched and very weird, maybe I’VE done something wrong, but it could be like that because it’s in Beta still. :kissing_heart:


'cuse me, but what the hell is this thing

Probably not gonna happen. I don’t think Roblox cage deformation is that accurate.

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Just something to be aware of before fully releasing the feature in every game…

What I recently experienced in Studio:
While having the cage mesh beta feature turned on, resizing the animated skinned mesh custom rig broke the animation (Mainly for rig with more than 1 part; the bones moved, but not the model). Turning on this feature also broke some current skinned mesh custom rig (mainly for rig with more than one part; some parts are not where they supposed to be). Turning off the cage mesh feature fixed the problem.

Ever since Skinned mesh was announced as studio beta last year, I’ve been making a skinned clothing specifically for my rig.
It basically works the same way as how layered clothing works (only 1 layer, though) where i have a clothing mesh that covers the s1 rig.
My problem is, I saw somewhere within this post that cage deformer will eventually get a feature to hide vertices under other vertices, which I would like to take the advantage of.
With my already established clothing system, how would i apply this?
It would be nice if there was some sort of slider to manage how much deformation is brought to wraplayer, which I can then make it to 0% to not deform but still take the advantage of hiding vertex.

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