Caged Mesh for Dummies

Model: Fred_With_Coat.rbxm (9.9 KB)
Coat obj:Coat.obj (27.7 KB)
Cage mesh deformer plugin:

First part of the tutorial:

How to make a Starter Character w/ Mesh Deformities on Roblox


Will this worked with R15? I was thinking about make a cloak hooded for it…

This is very nice, great contribution

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As long as your R15 is relying on mesh deformation and you have a rig/bone, then it should work.

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Hello, I have see your tutorial and I have try to do clothes for skinned meshs. After severals attempts, I realized that to synchronize some meshs (In my case, a man and his clothes), we don’t need “WarpLayer” and “WarpTarget”. If meshs have the same skeleton (with same bones’ names) and they are in the same group, they will automatically play the same animations and will be oriented according to the skeleton.
NB: Just don’t forget to make a “WeldConstraint” or “Motor6D” to join the mesh directly between them or to the HumanoidRootPart. :wink:


That is,

  1. simply copy the clothes (plus bones) into the character model group
  2. apply a weldconstraint between the character mesh and the clothes
  3. animations automatically update character and clothes skeleton
  4. warplayer and warptarget are entirely unnecessary

Is that correct.?

I apologise if it appears redundant. Simply trying to be sure.
Thank you.