Cake Tycoon Christmas Update

This update log is no longer used. New update log is here: Cake Tycoon Update Log!

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Cake Tycoon Christmas Update! Link: Cake Tycoon 🎂 - Roblox
New Additions:

  • 6 New Droppers!
  • 2 New Upgraders added!
    • One can be found on the first floor to the left of the collecter and on the third floor.
  • New Tycoon Names!
    • The red is strawberry, the white is vanilla, the blue is confetti, and the brown is fudge.
  • Snowflakes instead of Cash!
  • A Christmas Tree!
  • Snow!
  • A Present for every tycoon!
  • Halloween Logo Poster added!
  • Carpet added on the second floor!
  • Christmas Music!

Minor Changes:

  • The Cake Tycoon Logo Poster is now the Christmas Logo!
  • The colored parts inside the tycoon that used to correspond to the tycoon’s color, are now white!


  • Stuff moved around on the third floor!
  • Stuff moved around on the second floor!
  • Carpet Adjusted, top floor!
  • Floor adjusted, top floor!
  • Astra Table is now all wood!

Balancing Changes:

  • Droppers, Mine, and Upgrader1 Adjusted!
  • Prices adjusted! (All lowered by a ton)
  • Dependencies Adjusted!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the bug where the blocks wouldn’t process. Should be fixed in new servers.

Send me a message if you have any suggestions or bugs you found! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: