CakeMalli | 3D Modeler [NEW]

Hi I am CakeMalli, I’m quite new to the Roblox Platform however I am a fairly experienced 3D Modeler. I am a Game Design student so I have experience in making different kinds of assets. I’m still building my Portfolio up so any jobs would be appreciated.

My previous work

i’m available anytime during any day even on weekends !!

Prices are negotiable, my preferred payments include ROBUX, and I also take paypal

Contact me
My discord= Yassin#3789


Hiya your work looks amazing. Can you model pirate theme stuff like pirate ships, swords etc. In low poly?


I would recommend CakeMalli, even though he is inexperienced with Studio he is more that capable when it comes to making assets.

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Yes I can add me on discord if you wanna discuss this further

Sent a friend request :slight_smile: hope to work with you!

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