Cakrawala a Roblox Showcase

Let me Introduce you to Cakrawala [Showcase], Cakrawala Showcase is a showcase about a flying collider that created life in the universe, i don’t know exactly on what it is, but I hope you liked it! And also if you have any thoughts on this showcase do let me know!

The link to the showcase :link: :


That’s amazing! I love your idea of making some space genre. You’ve added a lot details to it.

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I’ve never seen someone that can make something like that.

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The only thing you need to fix is particles

I love the creativity everyone has on this platform.

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was this made in Blender or Studio?

That’s a very detailed build.

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I’m interested in how you made this.

Did you first create a basic truss part, archimedes the life out of it, and add a long neon part with bloom?

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this was made in Roblox studio has about 232K+ parts on this one!

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i doesnt use archimedes but i use the rotate tool from Roblox Studio, and also i use SBS


I think this is one of the great ideas! I really like the concept given in this showcase. If I’m not mistaken IMightBeUgly also provides development services to build something in the game you are making.

I recommend you to use his services. because IMightBeUgly has more than 4 years of experience building something amazing.

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Amazing work! Wow 240,000 parts, truly an accomplishment.

Hope you find yourself a known developer one day!

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Thank you man, I really appreciated it!

It’s amazing how detailed this is and I love how the name sounds Indonesian

how detailed is this that it drops my fps

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I love it! :open_mouth:

That’s all!

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Yeah the name is taken from Indonesian word, that means horizon, and the other reason is because im Indonesian

Cool, karena saya dari Indonesia juga (TL: because I’m from Indonesia aswell)

no need to translate that i understand

The devforum is a English place, so I would need to translate it for everyone else reading it