Calculating Premium Payout via a script

I am currently updating my games server logger which tracks a server’s revenue, errors, and player count. I would like to include premium payouts in the revenue section, but I am unsure how to calculate them via a script.

So far I check if a user is a premium member on join, and if so I record the time they joined the game. Then when they leave I use that time to calculate how long they were in the game. Now all I need is an equation to calculate the revenue from their visit using how long they played the game.

If anyone has an equation such as this or knows how to calculate it, your help would be much appreciated.


There isn’t one. It depends on external factors such as how much time they spent in your game compared to other games. For instance, if you have premium and only play in one of your own games, you get the entirety of your own “premium payout”.

Basically you can’t calculate this.


Ah, bummer. Well thanks. (extra length)

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