Calculator UI + functions

Hey developers!

I have very recently created a calculator that I am planning to release as a plugin. It is fully functional and supports math operators such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

I would like for you to roast (the calculator) after watching the video below.



Cant we just use the one we have on our widgets on our computer?

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Because this calculator will always be there whenever you open up Studio, and it is automatically top-most. This prevents you from having to open up your calculator each time you want to calculate something.

well that would be good if this had more to offer such as advanced math symbols.

I think this is too much to ask for from a simple Roblox calculator, and the statement is really vague “more advanced math symbols”.

I thought there were only four horsemen of apocalypse but then I saw your avatar’s face.

(you wanted a roast)

Your calculator is pretty dope though. Good job.

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I think you should have the ability to create an advanced mode for things like graphing and such. Don’t get me wrong, the design looks nice, but I feel like it would still be more convenient to use the calculator on your phone rather than to use this plugin.

As a programmer, I’m looking at numbers and formulas for a good amount of time, and it would be hard to use a simple calculator to calculate the answer to a heavy equation or when you’re dealing with data when you want to find the average or the growth/decay of a specific dataset.

I created something similar to what I’m proposing but as a game rather than a plugin:

We’re given a table with all X/Y values that you can use to find the linear/exponential/quadratic regression of the dataset, and (for this case, we’ll use linear regression) it spits out something like this:

And it also gives you the ability to check the graph:

Things like this MAY be more work for you, but it’s so worth the trouble. If you could create a graphing calculator inside of your calculator, that would make life for me and many others so much more easier :slight_smile:


My math teacher would be impressed with that. Bravo.


Me during Online Math Class
Just kidding I am not online
Anyways great calculator I love the clear animation.


Kinda lookin good dam, the animations dope, sounds dry to say this but how ya done that? Im tryin to do a calculator but idk if you have to do AN entire dictionary of maths with a module script or the lua basics maths that its the one im doing but really not understanding why it kinda dont make calculus :clown_face:. Btw spooky face

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Nope, just loadstrings.

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its confirmed im a clown :clown_face:! By the way thank you SOOO MUCH!! Not lyin

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