Calculators and tables

So Im trying to make a calculator as pracetice my idea for how to script it would be to make it so when ever a key is pressed it fires a bindabel event to my textbox with will display the certain equation and once = is hit will display the answer.

Anyways I’d like to know how to insert certain numbers or symbols into a table or print statement.
If theres a documentation link for it then thats even better.

Can you please elaborate on what you mean by this more? The first part of your post doesn’t really seem to relate to your actual question.

alright so my Idea for the calculator to work is to script so whenever a button is pressed it passes the number or symbol on that button to another script. Which depending on whether its a number or symbol will put it in a table. Then once a full equation is made and the player presses = the script will put that equation into a print statement that will do the math and come up with the answer then display that answer on the calculator.

I’m not too sure I get what you mean. But, you could try an approach like this (if I’ve understood it right):

local equation = {}
local symbols = {"+", "-", "*", "/", "^"}

local function calculate()
    for i, symbol in next, equation, nil do
        local nextElement = next(equation, i)
        local elementAfter = next(equation, i + 1)

    if tonumber(char) then
        local element = table.find(equation, #equation)
        table.remove(equation, element)
        element = element..char
        table.insert(equation, element)
        if not table.find(symbols, char) then return nil end
        table.insert(equation, char)

This is nowhere near finished, it’s just a rough idea of something that might work. It needs a lot of tweaking.