Call Function with PlaybackLoudness?

Hello, basically I want to call a function, every time the bass in the background of a song changes.

for a better visualization of what I want to achieve:

function Flash()
local Ui ='Frame', Gui)

This Doesn’t wok , but it helps for a better visualization, given your perspective.

Did you try it in a server script?

I would prefer that it is running on the client. But thanks anyways.

Games servers are ‘deaf’ so PlaybackLoudness is for every server script always 0. It’s better if you use a local script.

That’s what I have lol, it’s in a module accessible to the client.

The solution should be something like this (I think):
Use PlaybackLoudness property only on clients and change the function inside the module (remove PlaybackLoudness in the module).

Are you talking comparing the two values
Like have a variable in the module that is the “old” playbackloudness, and for each frame compare the two of being > \ < each other?

Because if you are, I’ve tried that already. lol

I meant finding a way to remove GetPropertyChangedSignal('PlaybackLoudness') from the module and using it in a local script instead.

No that’s not in the module and it doesn’t even work, it was only there for a better visualization and insight if my goals xd

Maybe this module is what you want. :man_shrugging:

Well, I didn’t have a rhythm mechanic in mind, I wanted to fire a function on the loudness changing, but seems promising will look it to it
Never know could reverse engineer it :+1: