Calling all BUILDERS| How would you approach a build like this?

How would you builders try to make a build that looks kinda like this?
Thankyou very much guys :sunny:


This question is rather complicated to answer, as there are many ways to approach the issue; It comes off like you’re asking us to basically do it for you as well. You should always experiment first! Quite literally just try and conceptualize in studio and see what you can convey. This is literally a question of patience and practice, so learn patience and practice.


I agree, this is obviously Tatooine so use reference pictures from the games/movies/fan art. Make sure to hold yourself to a high standard, remember 1 stud = 1 foot, and recreate it with a high level of scrutiny but don’t hesitate to take some artistic liberty. Don’t forget important underlying details like:

  • Lighting (color correction/bloom/exposure comp/ambient/colorshift/fog) (also never use color correction’s color tint it’s ugly, just use it’s contrast & saturation)
  • Terrain color (explorer > workspace > terrain > properties > materials color) adjust your ground to match Tatooine’s sand
  • Maintain a high level of scrutiny

I agree, looks like something from Counter Strike

The key here is lighting, scale, color and detail. I would not suggest using Roblox tools if you are wanting to get this complexity and realism, using a Program such as Blender is a much better option for that, unless you aren’t looking for that huge amount of realism.

I’d start with just the basic shapes: sphere, cylinder, wedge, and part. Using those shapes build the map based on your reference photo. Then dive into the details, texturing, and lighting.
That’s just my process!