Calling all developers!

Im looking for a handful of worthy developers to help me dominate the front page. Im working on a studio and we will eventually produce either a modern hide and seek game with fresh GUIs and such or a new disaster game. It will be good, and Im only looking for the best.

The rule is, the more you contribute, the more of a percentage you get from the final game.


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I don’t think either of those games will require much collaboration apart from maps.

I disagree. You’re going to need an artist, a couple scripters, and someone to manage game design overall. Possibly someone for marketing?

I disagree. You’re going to need an artist, a couple scripters, and someone to manage game design overall. Possibly someone for marketing?[/quote]
That applies to pretty much any game concept. The majority of us do all of those at once.

I dont know about any of you, but Im experienced in working with other people and have worked on many games which have gotten VERY popular. I know what Im talking about in other words; I will need people who specialise in scripting, building and graphics in order for this to be a good quality game to the standards I want. I can build to a very good extent and I do marketing on top of a tonne of other stuff which people un-familiar with making entire games would not even think about.

Please do not doubt my knowledge in this sector :wink:

What’s your ROBLOX username? (please put it in your signature or your website on your profile settings)

It’s RBXKyle (changed from ThisGameCreator).

No RBXKyle. There weren’t any results for ThisGameCreator either (even if you had a name change you still show up if you search for your old name)

Is he banned right now or something? Because that’s the only reason I can think of he wouldn’t be showing up in the search results.

(also, Von, you linked your profile wrong. You need to put /profile at the end of the url or else it leads to a 404)

Banned for 1 day for offering pay for maps for my game in forums…

But yeah, still looking for builders etc. Also need a logo and graphics.

I work with my team on BloxCards and I do agree its important to have a variety of skills when developing a game but you also have to realize depending on the game there is a minimum or maximum amount of time and effort required to do anything. For me, I’ve spent around 3 hours+ a day over 1.5 months working on BloxCards trying to fit development in to my schedule and I’ve managed to assemble a few thousand lines of code. I also have to add in cards when the owner and card creator of the group, IcyTea has to do college work so I fill in for him by making cards. The cards are practically identical so the ones for this case the reason we have him doing cards is because I wouldn’t be able to really work on the game as much if I had to spend so much time making cards. We also have hired a GFX artist I know to help make the game graphically better since its UI based. My main point I’m trying to tell you is that both those games you mentioned do not require an adept mastery in all sections to be made and for the most part can take literally no time at all to create, a scripter and a person of artistic talent could easily do it in a few days of work alongside maybe 2 hour updates once every few days to refresh the game.

I can’t see any of your past work so I can’t amazingly predict how your game will go but I’d like to say good luck.
tl;dr I just “don’t think either of those games will require much collaboration apart from maps.”

Welp, thats your opinion. I’ve got a lot of innovative ideas that will require new talent to become possible for this game.

btw use a better title next time pls – nobody appreciates clickbait thread titles.

But I am literally looking for all talented developers…

You need to title it what you’re wanting them to work with you on. Yes, doing that means all developers won’t read the thread because they wouldn’t want to work on that kind of project. With a clickbait title, you’ll get more views but no more applicants than with a proper title. The people who would have shied away from working with you based on the title will just be ticked off that you used a clickbait title to selfishly force everyone to read the thread, and they won’t work with you. They’re not going to work for you either way, so annoying clickbait titles accomplish nothing good for you.

Im not looking for more views. It seemed suiting at the time, and in my opinion, still does.

I still need map builders. I got 3 people on other things and 1 person on maps. Preferably want 1 more.

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