Calling All Developers

Hello! I am going to try to get all of the best developers to make a simulator game together.
Payment: I will pay in %
I am looking for:
UI Designer(0/1)
There will be google form applications for each position.
If you are interested, please add me on dev forum or on discord at Brad#5518
Thank you for reading.
Thank you for reading.


This post is really vague you should add in payment details and what the game is about. Please don’t just post something without putting in some details.


Sent FR for discord, gfx. Thanks! User: Meremoon#3496

I would apply as GFX artist
Discord : Ay-Men xD#7917
Please add more informations in the post like payment etc …

I had payment details, but I didn’t make it clear enough, I fixed it and it should be good now.

“I will split group profit among all developers who put in effort as payment.”

Isn’t really that detailed you should really put what position gets what.

And you should add more details about the game so people can understand what it is and if its right for them.

I have fixed it, my bad for not being clear.

So you’re going to divide it by 11 developers and yourself which is 12? That will be minimum payouts due to the high number you’re giving it away to.

My bad, just read the update.
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What roles get what percentages? Please be more clear.

Hello my name is Justin. I’d be interested in being a UI Designer for the Developer Team,

Add my discord Jvstinn#9459

Talk more on discord.

I can help with animating, I have made testing animations with using Moon suite.

Please add me on discord.
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If you wanna add me my username is Zombie#0583

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